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Calories in Tahini Halwani


Calories in Halwani Tahini, which is white tahini prepared from roasted and ground sesame and packed in Halwani Brothers factories in the Kingdom.

Tahini in general has many uses. It can be mixed with more than one other ingredient to prepare a sauce on its own. It can also be placed on different foods to give them a distinctive taste.

In general, no matter how different the way tahini is used and consumed, We will all agree that they are absolutely indispensable in the kitchen.

Therefore, in the following report, there is a detailed explanation of the most important calories in Halwani tahini and the nutritional ingredients from which it was prepared.

Calories in Tahini Halwani

Calories in Tahini Halwani
Calories in Tahini Halwani

The amount of calories in Halwani Tahini is about 291 calories in an amount of 42 grams distributed as follows.

Total fat of 25 gm (36%) of the daily requirement. And carbohydrates by 5.5 gm (2%) of the daily requirement. As well as protein in the amount of 11 g.

On the flip side, The product contains saturated fats amounting to 4.6 gm (32%) of the daily requirement. The product does not contain any trans fats. However, it does include monounsaturated fats of 11g. And polyunsaturated fats by 9.2 g.

The product also does not contain any cholesterol. But it contains an amount of sodium estimated at 1.1 mg, There are dietary fibers in tahini with an amount of 2.5 gm (9%) of the daily requirement. as well as total sugars by 0.5 g, This type of tahini does not contain any added sugar.

There is also 2.8 mg of iron (13%) of the daily requirement. And potassium by 288 mg, or (11%) of the daily requirement.

Halwani tahini food ingredients

Halwani tahini food ingredients
Halwani tahini food ingredients
  • 100% pure sesame (hulled sesame seeds roasted and ground)


  • The product is kept in a cool and dry place, away from moisture. or direct sunlight, so as not to be damaged.
  • The product is not suitable for people who are allergic to sesame.

With this, we have come to know the calories in Halwani Tahini, which can be included in your diet. But within the allowed calories within your system, And be careful not to overdo it. because it is high in fat, and calories.

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