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Calories in Sunflower Pulp Goodies


calories in sunflower seed kernels, It is a type of pastime that is frequently consumed in outings, evening parties, Often, consumers do not pay attention to calculating its calories. Although it contains calories

In the following report, here are the calories and nutritional values ​​in this snack that is rich in protein and beneficial fats and is light and gentle on the stomach from Tasali sunflower pulp

Calories in Sunflower Pulp Goodies

The calories in sunflower pulp are 123 calories in a small bag of 20 grams. Fats constituted the highest percentage of calories at 77.6%, followed by proteins at 19.5%. As for carbohydrates, it is the lowest by 3.3%.

Calories in grams are distributed between 1g of carbohydrates, and fat 10.6 g, and 6 g protein, And also there is dietary fiber 1.3 g, and sugar 0.3 g, There is sodium 89 mg

Sunflower pulp snack ingredients

  • Sunflower love
  • salt
  • Corn starch

Notes on Sunflower Pulp Snacks

  • Sunflower seeds shall be kept in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Dry roasting without adding oil
  • Sunflower Seeds is produced by Oriana S.A.E. 675 Saeb Salam Blvd., Beirut, Lebanon, Tel: 009611319555.
  • Importing International Snack Food Company P.O. Box 20389 Riyadh 11455 Freephone 8001245595 Fax 0096611201188.


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