Calories in Sunbites Lemon and Thyme

We discuss with you the calories in Sun Bites with Lemon and Thyme, it is known about Sun Bites that it is one of the delicious roasted baked goods that many adore as a healthy snack that they can rely on between meals, Or when they feel that they need to replenish the foods they eat within the diet, away from the boring foods they are used to, It is generally low in calories, baked, and So the amount of fat it contains is not high, Today, we will know in detail what its ingredients and calories are.


Calories in Sunbites Lemon and Thyme

Only 10 grams of Sunbites with Lemon and Thyme contains 43.5 calories of energy. Spread over fats of about 1.5 grams, Of which saturated fat is only 0.7 grams, There are carbohydrates of 6.6 grams, Sunbites also contains fiber estimated at 0.3 grams. As for the amount of sugar it contains, They are 0.4 grams, And about the protein in it, It is 0.9g, There is sodium about 58 mg.


Sunbites lemon and thyme ingredients

Sunbites flavored with lemon and thyme consists of the following:

  • Wheat semolina
  • Vegetable oil
  • Lemon flavor, And thyme
  • sugar
  • Catalyst (sodium bicarbonate)
  • The proportion of table salt (1.8%) approximately
  • Contains milk and its derivatives (lactose)
  • Contains wheat and its derivatives (gluten)

Sunbites and Diet

It is noteworthy that the product is produced by Chipsy Food Industries with permission from Pisco Inc. Porshas – New York, and it can be consumed within a low-calorie diet without any problem as long as its consumption is within the permissible limits of daily calories.


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