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Calories in strawberry breakfast cereal bars


Calories in strawberry breakfast cereal bars, Of course, the Fitness brand is famous for products intended for those who follow healthy diets aimed at losing weight. or maintain it, As it adopts healthy food alternatives in the ingredients it uses in its products, And that product is one of them. So we should talk about it today.

In the following report, we will learn about the most important calories in Fitness Strawberry, cereal bars for breakfast, and the ingredients and nutritional values ​​​​of this product in detail.

Calories in strawberry breakfast cereal bars

The calories in Fitness strawberry cereal bars for breakfast are 81.2 calories, Most of it is carbohydrates at 78.3% for a 23.5g serving.

The calories are distributed between carbohydrates 15.9 gm, and 1.4 g protein, and fat 1.3 g, saturated fat 0.2 g, And trans fat 0.1 g.

There is also sodium, at 76 mg. and dietary fiber 1.7 gm, and sugar 5.4 g.

The product contains a group of vitamins, metals thereof, vitamin B2 about 0.33 units, and vitamin B3 about 3.24 units, and vitamin B6 about 0.28 units, and calcium 185 mg, And iron 2.47 mg.


Strawberry fitness biscuits are full of vitamins and acids that the body needs, such as folic acid and B vitamins, as well as calcium and iron. In addition, the strawberry fitness bar is delicious, as it contains few calories. It can be a snack or a snack between meals


Strawberry fitness bar

Strawberry flavored breakfast cereal bars

56.5% cereal flakes:

  • 28.5% of whole wheat grains
  • 21% rice
  • 7% oat flakes

Rest of the ingredients:

  • Glucose syrup
  • Sugar syrup converted
  • Barley extract
  • Sunflower oil (non-hydrogenated vegetable oil)
  • glycerol (moisturizer)
  • Dried strawberry
  • Dried cranberries (cranberries + sugar)
  • Barley malt extract (barley + barley malt)
  • salt
  • Natural strawberry flavor
  • Soy lecithin (natural emulsifier)
  • molasses
  • E330 Citric Acid (acidity regulator)
  • Tocopherol is an antioxidant

Vitamins and minerals:

  • 185 mg calcium
  • 3.24 mg Niacin (Vitamin B3)
  • 2.47 mg iron
  • 1.24 mg pantothenic acid
  • 0.33 mg riboflavin (vitamin B2)
  • 0.28 mg vitamin B6
  • 43.5 folic acid units
  1. Strawberry fitness bar from Nestle ready to eat

  • Strawberry fitness bar from Nestle is free of pig products and their derivatives
  • Nestle strawberry fitness bar may contain nuts
  • Nestlé Fitness Strawberry Biscuits made for Shrek Chips in Poland, Szoza Lubeca
  • Strawberry fitness biscuits from Nestle contain 43.5 units of folic acid
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