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Calories in steak house


calories in steak house, Coming with over 25 years of good taste, Steakhouse opened its doors for the first time to the public as a 60-seater restaurant on Old Thirtieth Street in Riyadh.

and the restaurant that started, With a dream of becoming a front for the Saudi capital, Riyadh, for great steaks and distinguished service.

in fact, Years before many Western restaurant brands arrived, Steak House was one of the first restaurants in Saudi Arabia.

And now a steak house, It is the largest casual restaurant chain in the Kingdom. Serving more than 2 million guests annually, It also won the ” Best Restaurant in Saudi Arabia ” award.

The Steak House was also named the best project in the Middle East by the European Business Assembly, Oxford. United kingdom.

The 18 steakhouse restaurants are conveniently located throughout the major cities of the country.


Calories in steak house

Calories in Steak House Appetizers

Calories in mozzarella cheese sticks

Served with our delicious ranch dressing. The calories in 3 servings of cheese are 351 calories.


Calories in crispy chicken

Crispy chicken fingers served with ranch and bbq sauces. Each serving of crispy chicken contains 352 calories.


Calories in chicken wings

They are traditional chicken wings covered in spicy buffalo sauce and served with blue cheese sauce. It contains 418 calories per serving.


Calories in jumbo shrimp spicy

Spicy Shrimp Jumbo is a signature recipe from Steakhouse. It serves crispy jumbo prawns with spicy sriracha sauce. The calories per serving are 466 calories.


Calories in crispy buffalo chicken

Crispy chicken fingers topped with spicy buffalo sauce served with blue cheese sauce. At 346 calories per serving.


Calories in Steakhouse Chicken Wings

It is a generous mixture of spicy buffalo chicken wings, and chicken wings with Asian spices, Each serving contains 538 calories.


Calories in cheese with spinach

It is a mixture of fresh spinach with sliced ​​chili peppers and artichokes. Topped with pico de gallo sauce.

It is served with crispy tortilla chips. Each serving contains 612 calories.


Calories in Steak and Chicken Quesadilla

This meal is served with traditional steakhouse sauce. in 4 servings, The calories per serving are 351.

Calories in soups and salads

Calories in fajita salad

It is chicken fajita with fresh vegetables. with spanish rice, Red beans and green peppers topped with fresh pico de gallo sauce.

Cheddar cheese and jack cheese are also served with the dish. Furthermore, Picante sauce and the salad dish contains 1627 calories.


Calories in burgers and sandwiches

Calories in the original steakhouse cheeseburger

It consists of two pieces of fresh burger, with melted american cheese, In addition to lettuce slices, tomatoes.

In addition to pickled onions, It is served with french fries. With a number of calories 1354 calories.


Calorie Double Jalapeno Cheddar

The double jalapeno cheddar jack burger meal contains two grilled burgers with cheddar cheese, It is also served with french fries.

The calories in the meal are 1790 calories.


Calories in crispy chicken breast sandwich

The sandwich is a crispy chicken breast with mustard. with honey mayonnaise, and coleslaw with peanuts.

The sandwich is served with french fries. 720 calories.


Calories in the original fillet steak sandwich

The Original Fillet Steak Sandwich is grilled steak with peppers, onions and mushrooms.

The sandwich is often covered with melted cheese with soft bread or wheat bread. It is served with french fries. With a number of calories up to 1141 calories.


Calories in steak house burger

It consists of four small burgers, with grilled onions, american cheese, It is served in 4 servings. With 502 calories per serving.


Calories in crispy chicken

It consists of four pieces with crispy chicken. It is served with coleslaw with peanuts. The meal is served in 4 portions. 475 calories per serving.


Calories in swiss mushroom

And it’s a piece of fresh burger meat! with melted swiss cheese, With grilled mushrooms, onions, and mayonnaise. Topped with crispy onions.

Swiss mushrooms are served with french fries, with 1,044 calories.


Calories in main dishes at Steak House

Calories in bbq salmon

It is grilled salmon covered with BBQ sauce. It is served with mashed potatoes and sweet corn. With a number of calories up to 805 calories.


Calories in bbq chicken

It is a grilled chicken breast flavored with barbecue, It is served with seasonal vegetables. And mashed potatoes topped with melted cheddar cheese and crispy green onions.

The number of calories in this meal is 763 calories.


Calories in Southwest Steak House Chicken

It is a grilled chicken breast flavored with barbecue, Topped with types of melted cheese and fresh sauce with slices of crispy bread.

The meal is served with mashed potatoes and sweet corn. With 1153 calories.


Calories in rosemary salmon

Rosemary salmon served with garlic, prepared with olive oil, fresh rosemary, It is served with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables.

Add feta cheese and balsamic vinegar. And the calories in that meal reach 792 calories.


Calories in chicken and beef fajita

Fajita meals are served in the steak house. With two options, the first is chicken, with 1163 calories. As for the meat fajita, It provides 1325 calories.


Calories in Steak House dishes

Calories in smoked bbq ribs

It consists of smoked grilled beef ribs with barbecue sauce, It is served with mashed potatoes, coleslaw and peanuts. With 1922 calories.


Calories in Tenderloin Steak

Tenderloin steak is the best steak house offering. It is a steak fillet weighing 200 grams. Its calories are 346 calories.


Calories in Rib-eye Steak

Rib-eye steak is a tender piece for steak lovers with a little extra fat and flavour, weighing 340 grams. With 580 calories.


Calories in side dishes

You can get white rice with lemon flavor, With a number of calories 655 calories, or roasted seasonal vegetables, With 97 calories.

Roasted potatoes with rosemary can be added, with 530 calories. or baked potato with 517 calories, Or french fries with 655 calories.

You can also add mashed potatoes with country sauce, With 438 calories.


In the end, we point out that the steak house restaurant offers a unique experience to its visitors, but most of its dishes contain high calories.


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