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Calories in Softy Mega Tattoo from Heichlor


Calories in Softy Mega Tattoo by Heichlor, It is a type of sweets that can be consumed quickly. When we talk about sweets, we must pay close attention to the amount consumed. Not to leave it to personal whims. This is because it may increase cravings while eating it. which makes you eat more of it, This means getting a large amount of carbohydrates. And sugars that can definitely spoil your diet.

Below we will know what are the calories in Softy Mega Tattoo from Hechlor, In addition, we will fully discuss together all the nutritional details of this product. So stay tuned.


Nutritional ingredients in Hechlor Softy Mega Tattoo Candy

  • sugar
  • Glucose syrup
  • vegetable oil (palm oil)
  • water
  • Moisturizing agent: sorbitol
  • lactic acid
  • citric acid
  • Halal beef gelatin
  • artificial flavours: red raspberry flavour, strawberry flavour
  • Lecithin emulsified from sunflower oil


Calories in Softy Mega Tattoo from Heichlor

Calories are in Softy Mega Tattoo by Heichlor in a quantity of 75 gm, It is the full amount in the package, about 311 calories.

The macro calories in that amount of Softy Mega Sweetness are distributed between a total fat of 5.6 gm, and a total of 64.5g of carbohydrates, There is 0.68 g of protein.

The product also contains saturated fat of 3.3 g. and sugars by 46.5 g.


Notes on the sweetness of Softy Mega Tattoo from Hechlor

  • Softy Mega Halawa is kept in a dry place. And cool away from the heat.
  • Not to be given to children under three years of age.
  • This product contains sorbitol (more than 40g per day may cause diarrhea).


These were the most important details related to the calories in Softy Mega Tattoo from Heichlor, From the above, we will find that the product is not healthy at all for consumption, whether you follow a low-calorie diet, aims to lose weight, Or you follow a normal diet.


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