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Calories in sliced ​​black olives from Corsa


Calories in sliced ​​black olives from Corsa, There is no doubt that olives of all kinds are one of the most important and indispensable delicious pickles on the Arab table. It is characterized by its delicious salty taste that helps open the appetite. It gives food with a distinctive taste.

This one Some may think that olives are just appetizers, and there is no need to count calories. But this is not true at all. Because it contains calories just like any other food. Excessive consumption means consuming more calories without realizing it.

So in the following report, We will learn together about what are the calories in black olive slices from Corsa, We will also cover all other nutritional details related to this product. So stay tuned.


Nutritional ingredients in black olive slices from Corsa

  • water
  • olive
  • salt
  • Color fixative: Ferrous gluconate


Calories in sliced ​​black olives from Corsa

Calories in black olive slices from Acorsa in a serving of 100 gm are about 119 calories.

When it comes to the macro calories in that serving, They are distributed as follows, between 13 g total fat, There are 0 gm of carbohydrates, Plus proteins in the amount of 0.5 g.

On the other hand The product contains saturated fats of 2.3 g, equivalent to 12% of the daily requirement. And there is a trans fat of 0.1 g, In addition to the amount of cholesterol estimated at 0.22 mg.

There is also dietary fiber in this product, amounting to 3 g, which is equivalent to 10% of the daily nutritional need. The product does not contain any total sugars. or added sugar.


Notes on sliced ​​black olives from Corsa

  • Olives are kept in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight to protect them from spoilage.
  • Product must be refrigerated after opening.
  • This olive was produced in Spain.


From the aforementioned nutritional details, We will find that the product can be consumed naturally in many diets, even those diets that aim to lose weight, provided that it is not consumed excessively.


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