Calories in Soft Drinks

Calories in Seven Up


calories in 7up, Soft drinks are among the most consumed drinks around the world. It is a 7 Up drink with lemon. Soda is one of the most popular types of soft drinks that are widely circulated.

In this topic, we will learn about the calories in 7 Up, the nutritional ingredients in 7 Up, and other nutritional values.


Calories in Seven Up

The number of calories in 7Up is 66 calories in a 330 ml bottle, and all the calories are from sugars, as 7Up does not contain any fats or proteins. It only contains sugars and sodium.

Calories in different sizes of 7 Up

  • The calories of 7 Up, the size of 330 ml, are 66 calories, distributed between carbohydrates 16.5 gm, and sugar 16.5 g, and sodium 79.2 mg
  • The calories of 7UP 250 ml are 50 calories distributed between carbohydrates 12.5 gm, and sugar 12.5 g, and sodium 60 mg
  • The calories of 7UP 400 ml are 80 calories distributed between carbohydrates 20 gm, and sugar 20 gm, and sodium 96 mg
  • The calories of 7UP, 150 ml, are 30 calories distributed between carbohydrates 7.5 gm, and sugar 7.5 g, and sodium 36 mg


7up components

  • Soda water
  • sugar
  • Citric acid (acidic substance)
  • Malic acid (acidic substance)
  • Sodium citrate (acidity regulator)
  • Sodium benzoate (preservative)
  • Natural citrus flavor
  • 36.63 mg steviol glycoside sweetener
  • 17.16 mg of acesulfame potassium
  • 6.27 mg sucralose


Notes on 7up 7up

  • 7Up from the packaging of the Middle East and North Africa Company for the manufacture of soft drinks, Jeddah – Saudi Arabia.
  • Keep 7 Up in a cool place.
  • The 7-Up can contains 16.5 mg of sugar.
  • Made in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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