Calories in Ice Cream

Calories in Saudi Arabia Blackberry Ice Cream


Saudi Raspberry Ice Cream is an ice cream made from powdered milk and contains dried raspberry pieces, a natural blackberry flavor and some other ingredients.

Of course ice cream is my favorite summer dessert, Which many around the world love to eat, But today we will specialize in Saudi ice cream with raspberry flavor, Where we will learn about the calories in Saudi Arabia’s blackberry ice cream and the most important nutritional components included in its composition.

Calories in Saudi Arabia Blackberry Ice Cream

The calories in Saudi Arabia’s blackberry ice cream are 177.5 calories in a small package of 82 gm. Sugars make up the highest percentage of calories at 60%. Fat makes up 34%. And to learn more about the nutritional values in Saudi Arabia ice cream with blackberries.

For macrose calories in grams, They are distributed between carbohydrates of 26.6 g, and fat of 6.7 g, As well as protein in the amount of 2.7 g.

The product also contains 4 g saturated fat, and sugar in the amount of 24 g, This is a very high percentage.

Ingredients for ice cream Saudi Arabia blackberry

Blackberry ice cream which contains blackberry pieces

  • water
  • Milk fat
  • sugar
  • Skim cow’s milk powder
  • Glucose syrup solids
  • Pieces of black mulberry
  • Whey powder
  • E471 (vegetable emulsion of vegetable oils (soy, flaxseed, rapeseed, Palm))
  • E466 (installed)
  • E410 (installed)
  • E412 (installed)
  • E407 (installed)
  • E433 (installed)
  • E401 (installed)
  • E330 (citric acid)
  • Yogurt starter
  • Blackberry puree
  • Sucrose (beet sugar)
  • E410 Carob Gum (thickener)
  • Similar to nature blackberry flavor
  • E440 (pectin)
  • Blackberry sauce (beet sugar sucrose, water, wheat glucose syrup, blackberry juice concentrate, elderberry juice concentrate, thickener, modified waxy cornstarch E1422)

Notes on Saudi Ice Cream Blackberry

  • The size of the small package is 82 g in the case of freezing, while in the liquid state it becomes 125 ml
  • Saudi Arabia Ice Cream Freezes Blackberries below -18°C
  • Saudi Blackberry Ice Cream produced in Saudi Arabia by Saudi Dairy & Food Products Company (SADAFCO)
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