Calories in Sama Chocolate

Sama chocolate is a type of chocolate that is used in cooking. where you get into the cookies, different types of sweets, It can be used in the inner filling of sweets. It can also be used to decorate sweets. It is included in many delicious sweet recipes.


How to prepare sama chocolate:

And to be ready for use does not require much time, All you will have to do is defrost it on a hot water bath after cutting it into small pieces to facilitate the quick thawing process, And in a few minutes it will be immediately ready to use however you like.


Calories in Sama Chocolate

When it comes to calories used for desserts, It comes in the following form. For every quantity of 100 grams of Sama chocolate, there is an energy of about 541 calories, Plus 31.0 g fat, and carbohydrates at 60.0 grams, There is also 4.0 g protein, As for salts and minerals, It is only 0.2 grams (200 mg).

From the previous values, we understand that this type of chocolate is high in fats and sugars. So you should be careful when taking it.


sama chocolate ingredients

Sama chocolate consists of

  • Sugar
  • Cocoa powder
  • Cocoa butter substitute
  • Vanillin (artificial vanilla flavor)
  • Soy lecithin E322 (vegetable emulsifier)

It is produced by Al Ahmadi Chocolate Company. and Food Industries in New Borg El Arab – Fourth Industrial Zone, Alexandria, Egypt.

Uses of Sama Chocolate:

for its use, Naturally, it will not be consumed in its initial form, Especially since this is not the main purpose of making it, But it will be included in many recipes, This will not make the consumption of sweets prepared with it limited only to the calories contained in it, But the calories of the dessert must also be counted, On this basis, you decide if it is among your daily allowed calories or not.

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