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Calories in Salted cashews from Beja


Salted cashew bacha is an ideal snack for a snack that contains beneficial fats and a low amount of iron and calcium.

To learn more about the nutritional values of cashews for the three sizes 15 g, 30 g and 160 gm, follow the following report.

Calories in Beja Salted Cashew 15 g

The calories in salted cashews from Beja are 78.5 calories in a small bag of 15 gm, Fat makes up the highest percentage of calories at 61%. Then carbohydrates at 25% and finally protein at 13.8%.

Calories are distributed between carbohydrates 4.925 g, and protein 2.71 g, and fats 5.315, There is a saturated fat 1.12 g, and cholesterol 0.07 mg, sodium 12.6 mg, and dietary fiber 0.625 g, and sugar 0.097.

There is vitamin A in the amount of 1.55 units, calcium 6.5 mg, and iron 0.5 mg.

Calories in Beja Salted Cashew 30 g

The 30 g calories are about 157.08 calories, The calories are distributed between carbohydrates 9.85 g, and protein 5.42 g, Fat 10.63 g, saturated fat 2.24, and cholesterol 0.14 mg, and Sodim 225.2 mg.

There is also dietary fiber 1.25 g, sugar 1.94 g, and vitamin A 3.1 units, calcium 13 mg, and iron 1 mg.

Calories in Beja Salted Cashew 160 gm

Calories of 160 g are 837.76 calories, The calories are distributed between carbohydrates of 52.5 g, and protein 28.88 g, Fat 56.65 g, And there is saturated fat 11.93 g.

This amount also contains cholesterol 0.746 mg, sodium 134.31 mg, and dietary fibers 6.662 g, and sugar 10.34 g, and vitamin A 16.52 units, calcium 69.29 mg, and iron 5.33 mg.

Ingredients for salted cashew baja

  • Cashew nuts
  • Sunflower oil (vegetable oil)
  • salt

Reviews on salted cashew bacha

  • Store salted cashews in a cool, dry place
  • Nitrogen coated
  • Bakja salted cashew nuts produced by Beja Food Industries, Proudly made in Saudi Arabia
  • If you have comments on Beja nuts, please contact 920001172

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