Calories in Nuts

Calories in Salted almonds Beja


calories in Beja salted almonds, Snacks are foods that are consumed without being noticed as containing calories, They are taken without paying attention to how much of them have been ingested, So we’re going to make it clear about their calories.

Here are the calories and nutritional values in the gentle light snack Salted almonds Beja, This is for the three sizes of salted Beja almonds, small size 15 gm, pocket trip size 25 gm, and family size and sweet trips 160 gm.

Calories in Salted almonds Beja

Size 15 g

Calories in a size of 15 g are about 75.8 calories, This amount contains carbohydrates of 3.25 g, Fat 5.44 g, and protein 3.45 g.

There is also saturated fat 0.365 g, and cholesterol 0.021 mg, sodium 49 mg, dietary fiber 1.5 mg, and sugar 0.75 mg.

There is also vitamin A 1.92 units, calcium 46.2 mg, and iron 0.39 mg.

Size 25 g

Calories in a volume of 25 g are 125.548 calories, The product contains 5.41 carbohydrates, Fat 9.03 g, and protein 5.727 g, As well as there is saturated fat 0.6059 g, and cholesterol 0.0336 mg, sodium 81.34 mg, and dietary fiber 2.49 g, and sugar 1.245 g.

The product also includes vitamin A 3.1872 units, calcium 76.692 mg, and iron 0.674 mg.

Size 160 g

The calories in a 160 g amount are about 805.104 calories, The calories of macrose are distributed between carbohydrates 34.624 g, Fat 57.792 g, and protein 36.652 g.

The product also contains saturated fats 3.87 g, and cholesterol 0.21504 mg, sodium 520.576 mg, and dietary fiber 15.936 g, and sugar 7.968 g.

The product also contains vitamin A 20.39 units, and calcium 490.8288 mg, and iron 4.14336 mg.

Ingredients for salted almonds Beja

Salted Almonds Salted Almonds

  • almond
  • salt

Reviews on salted almonds Beja

  • Store salted almonds in a cool and dry place
  • Nitrogen coated
  • Salted almonds produced by Beja Food Industries, Proudly made in Saudi Arabia
  • If you have comments on Beja nuts, please contact 920001172

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