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Calories in Sail Puck Cheese are low in salt


Puck Salt Low Salt Cheese is one of the light choices that belong to the spreadable Puck Cup cheese that is relied upon in breakfast meals. or dinner, Or even as a snack between meals and each other, where it can be consumed with bread, or pepper, or cucumber, or other options according to taste and desire, So, today we will learn about the calories in Puck Low Salt Liquid Cheese and the nutritional values, and the ingredients that these cheeses contain, So stay tuned.


Calories in Sail Puck Cheese are low in salt

Calories in Sail Puck Low Salt Cheese are 97.4 calories per 30 gm. Fat constitutes the highest percentage of calories, at 88.7%. hence protein 10.7%, And then carbohydrates, which is the lowest by 0.6%.


What is Puck liquid cheese with little salt?

White, creamy, liquid cheese with little salt


Liquid cheese ingredients

  • Milk fat
  • Spreadable vegetable oil
  • 35% salt
  • 75% cream cheese
  • 35% cheese with vegetable oil added
  • froth
  • Nutritious cow’s milk protein
  • Dried buttermilk
  • Vegetable oil
  • Installer starter
  • E339 (Emulsifying salts)
  • E333 (Emulsifying salts)
  • E340 (Emulsifying salts)
  • E453 (Emulsifying salts)
  • E141 (food color)
  • water
  • 65% of the percentage of fat in the solid matter at least


Notes on Puck Low Salt Liquid Cheese

  • Puck cup cheese is free of fluff and preservatives.
  • product contains lactose, And milk, which may be an allergen for many.
  • Store at a temperature between 2 and 25 degrees Celsius.
  • After opening, keep at a temperature of 5°C or less.
  • Puck Liquid Cheese should be kept in a cool dry place

This liquid cheese contains a lot of fat. So more of them may cause obesity.

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