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Calories in Sadia chicken thighs


Calories in Sadia chicken thighs, which are clean chicken thighs, Sterilized and frozen for immediate use in a variety of meals.

In the following report, we will learn about the most important calories in Sadia chicken thighs, as well as its detailed nutritional components. So stay tuned.

Calories in Sadia chicken thighs

The calories in thick chicken thighs from Sadia are 193.68 calories in 100 grams, The percentage of fat is 65.1%, the percentage of protein is 34.9%, and it contains zero carbohydrates.

Calories in grams are distributed in an amount of 100 g between protein 16.92 g, and fat 14 g, As well as sodium 82.54 mg.

Sadia chicken thighs ingredients

  • Chicken thighs with bone and skin

How to prepare chicken thighs in a Philips air fryer:

  1. Season the chicken as desired
  2. Preheat the air fryer and then add tin
  3. Put the chicken in the fryer and set it to a temperature of 180° and set the time between 18 to 25 minutes, depending on the quantity.

How to cook chicken thighs in the microwave:

  1. Season the chicken as needed
  2. Put the two pieces of Sadia chicken in a pyrex dish or a microwave oven dish, and cover the dish
  3. You can add vegetables or rice
  4. Microwave at 800 watts for 15 to 18 minutes, as needed.

Notes on sadia femurs

  1. This product is high in protein and fat and may be suitable for those following a keto diet or a low-carb diet.
  2. Frozen chicken thighs with bone and skin.
  3. Sadia chicken is halal and slaughtered according to Islamic law.
  4. Sadia Chicken Thighs Grade A Frozen Fresh to preserve nutrients.
  5. Keep frozen at a temperature of -18 degrees below zero, and it is not permissible to re-freeze after thawing.
  6. Brazil production.

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