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Calories in Ramadan ready meals


With the advent of this holy month, the holy month of Ramadan, we ask the Almighty to complete His forgiveness and benevolence upon us by helping us to fast and pray during it. We would like to share with you the most important calories in ready-made Ramadan meals.

And because in Ramadan our times are always busy between praying and worshiping and doing the housework and family, as well as shopping. However, we overlook an important aspect of our day.

This aspect is our negligence to coordinate the Ramadan trip!!?

Surely you are surprised because I tell you that we neglect to coordinate our Ramadan trip. Of course, you will tell me that we are among the most generous people in preparing Ramadan trips, Malath and Tab (Yes, it is true that we Arabs are more generous than all the peoples of the earth)

But what I mean by organizing the Ramadan trip is:

Do you calculate calories in Ramadan food?? mean how??

I mean, before you start cooking and drinking a mug, get a piece of paper and a pen and write down the food you are going to eat

And then try as much as possible to calculate the calories in the foods that you recorded (we can cheat you by using the calorie table )

After that, divide the calories that came with you by your total daily calorie needs

Of course, if you are going to eat the right food for a whole day, and the result comes with you, after dividing the calories in your food by your daily calorie need = 1, does this mean that things are medical with you?

If the number is less than 1, it means that you must increase your calories

Conversely, if the number is more than 1, you must reduce your food intake

If you feel anything, you don’t understand? Write to us in the comments

In order to make it easier for you, we have created a simple table below

This table contains the calories of the most important ready meals in Ramadan. Before starting, you can find out your calorie needs by visiting the Calorie Calculator .


Calories in Ramadan ready meals


Calories in Ramadan drinks

  1. Vitmo juice contains 50 calories per 100 ml.
  2. Vitmo juice without sugar contains 41 calories per 100 ml.
  3. Tono juice contains 132 calories in every 50 ml of concentrated juice.
  4. Tono juice without added sugar contains 128 calories in every 50 ml of concentrated juice.
  5. Saudi coffee with cardamom contains 82 calories per 20 gm.
  6. Instant Arabic coffee from Nescafe contains 82 calories per 1 sachet.
  7. Turkish coffee calories are 44 calories per 10 gm.
  8. Village milk contains 132 calories in the small cup of 230 ml.
  9. Ayran Nada milk contains 53 calories per 180 ml.
  10. Almarai ayran milk contains 88 calories per 180 ml.
  11. Activia full fat milk contains 113 calories per 180 ml serving.


Calories in Ramadan soups and yogurt

  1. Oatmeal soup with tomato and meat flavor contains 208 calories per 65 gm.
  2. Maggi Cream of Mushroom Soup contains 208 calories per 68 gm.
  3. Almarai yogurt contains 116 calories in 170 gm.
  4. Activia Low Fat Yoghurt contains 73 calories in the 150 gm package.
  5. Almarai Fresh Full Fat Cream contains 31 calories per 10 gm.


Calories in Ramadan food and Ramadan appetizers

  1. Indian samosas with vegetables contains 106 calories in one samosas.
  2. The ready-made chicken samosas contains 31 calories in one small samosas.
  3. Asian style paratha contains 239 calories per 80gm pancake.
  4. Ready-made labneh kibbeh from Siwar contains 529 calories per 100 gm.
  5. Switz ready-made samosas dough without filling contains 41 calories per slice.
  6. Sunbulah samosa dough without filling contains 25 calories per slice of 9 gm.
  7. Ready chicken spring roll contains 42 calories per piece.
  8. Vegetable spring roll contains 56 calories per piece.
  9. Shrimp spring roll from Al Kabeer Company contains 80 calories per piece.
  10. Ready-made spring roll dough without filling contains 30 calories per piece. It is possible to make two spring rolls from one dough, and one piece of spring roll contains 15.3 calories.
  11. Meat and potato casserole contains 700 calories per serving.
  12. Ready-made stuffed grape leaves contains 149 calories per 110 gm.
  13. Almarai ready-made chickpeas contains 555 calories in the whole package.
  14. Luna fava beans contains 95 calories per 100 gm.


Calories in Ramadan sweets and snacks

  1. Cream Caramel Greens contains 122 calories in 141 gm.
  2. Animal berry jelly contains 352 calories in a carton of 80 gm.
  3. Foster Clark’s Vegan Raspberry Jelly contains 310 calories in a carton of 85 gm.
  4. Kitkat with Arabic coffee contains 97 calories in two kitkat sticks.
  5. Danette with Belgian chocolate contains 127 calories.
  6. The sweetness of Kopiko coffee contains 37 calories in 2 candy.


Now that you know the calories in Ramadan ready meals, you may be interested in knowing the best diet in Ramadan

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