Calories in Soft Drinks

Calories in raita red drink


Calories in Rita Red, a refreshing soft drink that is widely consumed by young people, Especially since it is easy to find anywhere.

In general, soft drinks pose a threat to human health. Not only body shape, weight, but also on the integrity of the bones, Where soft drinks are known to cause osteoporosis.

What makes most soft drinks unsuitable for low-calorie diets? where it cannot be consumed with it, is that it includes in its composition a high amount of carbohydrates, sugars, as well as sodium, Not to mention that it does not contain any protein. So it does not provide any nutritional benefit that makes sticking to it within the diet necessary.

In the following report, we will list for you in detail the food label for calories in Rita Red and the most important ingredients from which it was prepared, So stay tuned.

Calories in Rita Red

The calories in the Rita Red drink in an amount of 275 ml for its entire bottle are about 154 calories, It does not contain fat in its macro calories. or protein, Since both are 0 grams, However, it contains an amount of carbohydrates estimated at 38.5 grams.

Rita replied

It is one of the ready-made drinks that is widely used by young people. It consists of soda water, sugar, and a host of other components

Nutritional ingredients in Rita Red drink

  • Carbonated water
  • sugar
  • Sodium Benzoate E211 (preservative)
  • Sodium citrate (iii) E331
  • Fruity flavor combination
  • Citric acid (acidity regulator)
  • Citric acid monohydrate E330

This product is high in sugar

Rita replied
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