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Calories in Quaker Oats


Calories in Quaker Oats, a type of oatmeal packed with dietary fiber. Oats are generally one of the great nutrients in any diet. Especially since it is a healthy and reliable alternative instead of regular flour in making many food recipes, whether pastries, sweets, and nawashifs, And many other recipes.

Not to mention the fact that it can be consumed in its natural form as a soup. or as a substitute for corn flakes, and a lot of other things, It is not limited to one recipe, or a specific cooking method.


Calories in Quaker Oats

The calories in Quaker Oats, in an amount consisting of 100 grams of it, are about 364 calories, Carbohydrates come at the forefront of those calories, amounting to 62 grams. Then followed by an amount of 11 grams, which is a good percentage, And then fat comes in last at 8 grams.


What is Quaker Oats?

It is a well-known oat grain that can be used in a variety of uses. It can be ground as flour to prepare pastries and desserts. It can also be eaten as is with some additives such as milk, honey, and fruits. and others.

Nutritional ingredients in Quaker Oats

  • Whole grain oats


Vitamins and minerals in Quaker Oats

  • Zinc 3.3 mg
  • Phosphorus 380 mg


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