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Calories in Puck Cup Cheese


Al-Kasat Al-Sail cheese contains a lot of fat. That is why it is always warned not to overdo it. Today, we will introduce you in detail to the most important calories in Puck Cup cheese, as it is one of the most consumed liquid cheeses in the Arab world in general.

The calories in Puck Cup Cheese are 97.4 calories per 30 gm. Fat constitutes the highest proportion of calories, at 88.7%. and then protein by 10.7%, And then carbohydrates, which is the lowest by 0.6%.

To find out more nutritional values ​​in Puck Cups cheese, we leave you with the following nutritional card.

Puck cups cheese

Liquid white cream cheese


Ingredients for Puck Cup Cheese

  • cow butter
  • Nutritious cow’s milk protein
  • Palm
  • Dried cow’s milk butter
  • Added water
  • E339 (Emulsifying Salt)
  • salt
  • E141 (Natural Food Color)
  • prefixed
  • Added water
  • Free from puffs and preservatives
  • 60% of the percentage of fat in the dry matter at least
  • pasteurized


Notes on Puck Cup Cheese

  • Similar to spreadable processed cheese
  • The product contains milk ingredients that may be allergens.
  • The product is kept at a temperature between 2 and 25 degrees Celsius.
  • After opening, keep the product at a temperature of 5°C or less.
  • This type of cheese is high in fat. That is why it is preferable not to overdo it.

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