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Calories in Pringles


Crispy pringles fries made from dried potatoes, seasoned with spices and a spicy mixture. In this topic, we will learn about the calories in the burning Pringles and what it consists of.


Calories in Pringles

The number of calories in the burning Pringles is 210.5 calories in the entire small pack of 40 gm, Most of these calories come from fats and carbohydrates.


Ingredients for pringles fries

  • Sundried potatoes
  • Sunflower oil (vegetable oil)
  • Corn oil (vegetable oil)
  • Rice flour
  • Wheat starch
  • Cornmeal

Ingredients of the spicy taste in Pringles potatoes

  • pepper
  • sugar
  • Monosodium Glutamate (Flavor Enhancer)
  • Disodium Inosinate (flavor enhancer)
  • Disodium Guanylate (flavor enhancer)
  • Vegetable broth (from kale and corn)
  • Tomato powder
  • Natural paprika flavour
  • Natural garlic flavour
  • Natural jalapeno pepper flavour
  • Natural chili flavour
  • Yeast extract
  • Sweet Whey Powder (from Cow’s Milk)
  • Dextros
  • Modified corn starch
  • Glucose syrup
  • Citric acid E330 (acidity regulator)
  • malic acid (acidity regulator)
  • milk proteins
  • Onion powder
  • Jalapeño pepper extract
  • paprika powder
  • chili powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Color from paprika extract
  • Calcium lactate (acidity regulator)
  • Natural smoky flavour
  • E471 oil emulsion of vegetable origin (from rapeseed oil)
  • Maltodextrin
  • 1.4% salt
  • annatto (natural color)


Notes on the Burning Pringles

  1. Burning Pringles contains a high amount of fat and sodium. It contains the highest limit of sodium for patients with blood pressure and kidneys, at 12.4%.
  2. Spicy Pringles contains a low amount of protein.
  3. It contains moderate amount of carbohydrates and fiber in the small 40gm package.
  4. Store in a dry place at room temperature
  5. Packed in a protective atmosphere
  6. Always keep the can closed after opening to preserve flavour

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