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Calories in POP CORN GOODY


Calories in POP CORN GOODY, Popcorn is a light snack on the stomach. It is a wonderful companion for evening parties. But it belongs to the category of carbohydrates, Therefore, over consuming it means consuming a lot of carbohydrates, which may lead to spoiling your diet.

In the following report, we will learn about the most important calories in this popcorn provided by Goody, We will also learn about the nutritional values ​​that it contains.

Calories in POP CORN GOODY

The calories in POP CORN GOODY in every 33 gm uncooked are 129 calories, Most of it is 80% carbohydrates.

The calories in grams are distributed between carbohydrates 26 gm, and 4 g protein, and 1 g fat, 7 g of dietary fiber. and sugar in the amount of 0.9 g.


33 gm of cornstarch

  • yellow corn

How to prepare Goody popcorn

  1. Heat the pot or pot and put butter or any other oil

  2. Wait until the pot heats up and then add the popcorn

  3. Cover the pot and wait for 3 minutes or until you don’t hear popcorn pop for 3 seconds

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  1. This type of popcorn is distinguished by its high amount of fiber, about 7 grams per 33 grams of popcorn, and this helps cover your daily fiber requirement by 29%!! This percentage is very high and sweet for you, especially if you suffer from some digestion problems.
  2. Goody popcorn can be considered as a daily snack in the category of low-calorie carbohydrates.
  3. POP CORN GOODY popcorn is kept in a cool dry place.
  4. The popcorn is produced in the USA on behalf of the trademark owners in favor of Goody Middle East FZE, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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