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Calories in pomegranate molasses


Calories in pomegranate molasses pudding, There is no doubt that pomegranate molasses is one of the famous sauces that are used in various foods. where it is added to the meat, poultry before grilling, This is to add flavour. its distinctive flavour, It can also be added to the authorities, It can be considered a great alternative to vinegar, lemon, Not to mention that it can be added to grilled vegetables, stuffing, and kofta. And many other types of foods as desired.

In the next report, we will discuss together the most important calories in pomegranate molasses, in addition to that we will also learn about what are the nutritional components from which this pomegranate molasses was prepared, So stay tuned.


Nutritional ingredients in pomegranate molasses

  • pomegranate
  • sugar
  • water
  • Citric acid
  • salt


Calories in pomegranate molasses

The calories in pomegranate molasses in a quantity of 20 gm are about 60 calories, Macros calories are distributed within that amount between 0.05 g of total fat, As for carbohydrates, they are estimated at 15 g. and protein by 0 g.

On the flip side, The product does not contain any amount of saturated fat. or trans fats, or cholesterol, However, it contains 110 mg of sodium.

Pomegranate molasses contains 0.5 gm of dietary fiber. and total sugars 14 g, of which 14g added sugar, The product also contains less than 2% vitamin A. It does not contain any other vitamins.

Notes on pomegranate molasses

  • The product is kept in a cool and dry place away from sunlight so as not to be damaged.

The product is somewhat high in calories. Although the calories we mentioned are less than 100 calories, But if we note that every 20 gm gives us about 60.45 calories, This is a large amount of calories compared to the amount that will be consumed. For this, the amount of pomegranate molasses that will be added to your food must be accurately calculated. So as not to over-consume it.

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