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Calories in Pock’s Cream Likeness 170 g


Calories in Pock cream 170 gm, Today we will look at this product. It should be noted, That this product is not really cream, but rather similar to cream!! Can be used as a substitute for regular cream, And prepare many diverse recipes with it.

Correct It is not cream in its original form, But they will still contain calories, That’s why you should pay attention to how much of it you will use in your food, In the following report, we will address the most important calories found in the Pock cream resemble, and macrose calories, nutritional ingredients, So stay tuned.


What does cream doppelganger mean?

Cream-like is made from skimmed cow’s milk, whether it is fresh liquid milk or powder, Vegetable oil (vegetable oil is cheaper than animal fat) is added with some thickeners that make the product dense, i.e. heavy in its current form.

Cream is mostly full of fat and the source of this fat is from fresh full-fat cow’s milk, It is impossible to make real cream without whole milk, When making cream-like, whole milk is replaced with skimmed milk, and then fat is replaced by vegetable oils, which are usually cheaper than animal fats.


Calories in Pock’s Cream Likeness 170 g

The calories of a pack similar to Puck cream are about 394.06 calories, The calories of macros are distributed as follows, carbohydrates between 6.46 g, and protein 4.08 g and the highest percentage of fat is 39.1 g, The product also contains saturated fat of 9.9 h.

The product also contains 552.5 mg sodium, and vitamin A by 5 units, Vitamin C is 1.7 mg, The product also includes calcium in the amount of 197 mg, and iron by 0.1 mg.


Ingredients similar to Puck cream

  • Fresh skim cow’s milk
  • Palm oil
  • Vegetable thickeners (E471 made from palm oil/rapeseed oil E401, E410, E415).

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