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Calories in Plain Greek Yogurt Low Fat from Nada


Calories in Plain Greek Yogurt Low Fat from Nada, Greek yogurt is definitely a protein-rich product. Protein is very important in the process of helping to feel full for as long as possible.

That is why, below, we will monitor the most important nutritional values ​​in this yogurt, as well as learn all the calories in plain, low-fat Greek yogurt from Nada in detail.


Calories in Plain Greek Yogurt Low Fat from Nada

Authentic Greek Yoghurt made with 100% Fresh Low Fat Milk from Nada Farm. Calories are 105.8 calories per pack of 160 gm.

Protein constituted 42.3% of the total calories, followed by carbohydrates at 30.2%, and then fats at 27.2%.

Calories in grams are distributed in the size of 160 gm between carbohydrates 8 gm, and fat 3.2 g, and protein 11.2 g, and calcium 184 mg, vitamin A 320 units, and vitamin D 64 units.

For the 100 gm size, The calories in it are 66 calories, and the calories are distributed between carbohydrates 5 gm, and fat 2 g, and 7 g protein, and calcium 115 mg, vitamin A 200 units, Vitamin D 40 units.


Ingredients of Nada Greek Yogurt Low Fat

  • Low Fat Natural Cow’s Milk (Fresh Milk)
  • 2 percent fat as a minimum
  • At least 16 percent non-fat solids
  • Milk protein
  • 320 IU Vitamin A
  • 64 units of Vitamin D


Notes on Low Fat Greek Yogurt

  • Nada plain greek yogurt low fat
  • Nada protein is kept refrigerated below 5°C
  • Low fat greek yogurt prepared on the greek way
  • Nada Greek yogurt produced by Al-Othman Company for Agricultural Production and Processing, Al-Khobar – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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