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How many calories are in pizza of all kinds? How can you control the number of calories in pizza? How do I burn pizza calories? Is there a way to diet pizza? All questions we will answer in our article

Who among us does not like pizza, it is a delicious and popular meal and is considered the most famous and demanded around the world, but there is an obsession for dieters and dieters about the number of calories in it, Therefore, dear reader in AM Dieter, we will calculate the number of calories in each type of pizza according to the size and the additions that are prepared from it, which play an important role in the amount of calories as it determines the amount allowed to be eaten from it, We will conclude the article by presenting possible ways to make pizza healthy and diet-friendly.


Calories in pizza

As mentioned earlier, the difference in the number of calories in pizza is due to the thickness and size of the pizza dough, as well as the type of toppings that we put in it. Pizza to which a large amount of cheese is added differs in its number of calories from pizza to which a small amount or even without cheese is added.

The beauty of pizza is that you can control what you want to add to it. We advise you, dear reader, to try as much as possible to add the healthy choice. A pizza that contains vegetables , a little sprinkle of cheese, or even adding a low-fat source is always the best healthy choice for you and your family. Thus, you will be able to eat pizza without worrying about the number of calories or harmful nutritional value it contains.


Calories in cheese pizza

The number of calories in cheese varies according to the thickness of the pizza dough and the size of the piece. Whereas, in the medium-sized piece and the thin dough contains 223 calories, While in a medium-sized piece and thick dough, the number of calories in cheese pizza becomes 243 calories.


Calories in meat pizza

The type of meat does not make much difference in the number of calories. The number of calories also depends on the thickness of the pizza. We find in a medium-sized piece of thin dough 230 calories because it is rich in fat. In a medium-sized piece and thick dough, the number of calories in meat pizza is 250 calories.


Calories in veggie pizza

The number of calories in vegetable pizza depends on the thickness of the pizza piece. The vegetable pizza in the medium-sized piece and the thin dough contains 180 calories because it is fat-free and rich in vegetables, while the medium-sized piece and the thick dough contains 200 calories and is the least fat.


Calories in diet pizza

in some of the big pizzerias, There is an option to choose between regular pizza dough and whole wheat pizza dough. It is called diet pizza

  • One piece of diet pizza contains 100 calories
  • Whole wheat bread contains a high percentage of fiber that helps you feel full faster. It contains fewer carbohydrates than white bread.


How high calorie pizza is

Pizza with added meat is high in calories. And the amount of saturated fat increases in it, so processed meat pizza is the most unhealthy type of pizza that doctors advise to avoid and reduce. Here is the following information showing how many calories in pizza contain:

  • Processed meat , a piece of pepperoni pizza contains between 250 – 300 calories.
  • extra cheese, A piece of regular cheese pizza is one of the lowest calorie options you can choose from. But when you add more cheese, you increase your calorie intake to 312 or more per 100 grams,
  • Fast food restaurant pizza , a piece of cheese pizza from the fast food chain contains 285 calories.
  • frozen pizza, Frozen pizza (100g) contains about 268 calories (which is the lowest in calories).


How to control the nutritional value and calories in pizza

People who eat pizza frequently suffer from low nutritional value and high calories that pizza contains. Therefore, attention must be paid to the additives and the way they are made to be more healthy. According to the Food net work website, we will give you the most important tips that help you make a healthier pizza

  • Eat homemade pizza instead of fast food or frozen pizza. Which helps to control the entire content of the pizza, Instead of using refined white flour, you can use unrefined whole grain flour, which is healthier because it is high in fiber, protein, and additional minerals.

When making the dough, you can control its thickness, and there is the possibility of preparing pizza sauce from fresh tomatoes that are free of preservatives and contain a low percentage of sodium. In addition to that, reducing the fat content, that is, you can use fat-free types of cheese , such as soy cheese or low-fat Parmesan cheese, and it is recommended to use healthy additions such as fresh vegetables of various kinds.

  • In the event that you want to eat pizza outside the home, you should read the ingredients of the pizza before choosing it. It is better to choose pizza that contains whole and fresh ingredients instead of processed ingredients. Such as flour from whole grains, fresh vegetables and fresh meat, and stay away as much as possible from canned meat that contains preservatives
  • Overeating fast food is easy. But you have to control the amount you eat, and in order to get a more balanced meal, it is recommended to eat dishes full of fiber, such as green salad, before eating pizza.
  • Vegetable pizza is the perfect choice, as it is healthier, not to mention its deliciousness. It is high in fiber, healthy minerals and antioxidants
  • Avoid processed and canned meats, as pizza rich in processed meats such as sausages and sausages contain a high percentage of calories and low nutritional value. Therefore, to make the pizza more healthy, you must choose fresh meat and thus increase the proportion of protein needed to maintain your health
  • Choosing pizza dough ingredients When preparing pizza, a person must choose healthy ingredients so that they become low in calories, such as relying heavily on whole grains, such as brown bread, in preparing pizza, so that the body can benefit from the fibers in these grains, which leads to reducing calories in pizza. Flour fortified with vitamins and minerals can also be used. To enhance the nutritional content of the dough

Make sure to use vegetables in the preparation of pizza and prepare it completely because vegetables contain many different nutrients in addition to antioxidants and fiber, and thus you will receive pizza with high nutritional value. One of the most important tips is also to choose a sauce that contains a low percentage of sugar. Finally, a person should choose thin dough to reduce calories.


Table showing calories for all types of pizza

Pizza typethe weightCalories
BBQ chicken pizza1 slice (132 g) 309 calories
BBQ pizza1 slice (140 g) 314 calories
Meat pizza1 slice (235 g)714 calories
Bianca pizza1 slice (187 g)460 calories
Buffalo chicken pizza1 slice (238 g)600 calories
Calabrese pizza1 slice (108 g) 254 calories
Calzone pizza1 slice (364 g)841 calories
Capricciosa pizza1 slice (74 g)192 calories
Cheese pizza1 slice (63 g)168 calories
Chicken pizza1 slice (132 g)309 calories
Deep Dish Pizza1 slice (118 g)313 calories
Domino’s Philly Cheese Steak Pizza1 slice (159 g)356 calories
Four cheese pizza1 slice (113 g)250 calories
Goat cheese pizza1 slice (63 g)138 calories
Grilled pizza1 slice (124 g)280 calories
Hawaiian Pizza1 slice (134 g)154 calories
Margherita pizza1 slice (63 g)173 calories
Mozzarella pizza1 slice (62 g)154 calories
Mushroom pizza1 slice (288 g)611 calories
Neapolitan pizza1 slice (123 g)248 calories
New York Style Pizza1 slice (103 g)174 calories
Pepperoni pizza1 slice (71 g)181 calories
Pizza dough2 ounces (57 g)130 calories
Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza1 slice (149 g)380 calories
Pizza Hut Supreme1 slice (123 g)305 calories
pizza rolls1 roll (14g)35 calories
Salami pizza1 slice (71 g)181 calories
Sausage pizza1 slice (72 g)177 calories
Seafood pizza1 slice (76 g)186 calories
Vegetable pizza1 slice (156 g)399 calories
Shrimp pizza1 slice (91 g)190 calories
Spinach feta pizza1 slice (62 g)150 calories
Spinach pizza1 slice (62 g)145 calories
Stuffed pizza1 slice (149g)380 calories
Thin dough pizza1 slice (60 g)157 calories
Tuna pizza1 slice (125 g)318 calories
white pizza1 slice (232 g)571 calories



How do I burn pizza calories?

Dieters and dieters may find it difficult to resist many foods, including pizza. If you eat healthy most days, There is nothing wrong with deviating from the path and savoring a slice of pizza and enjoying its taste and not thinking about the number of calories in it. Every problem has a solution, and according to the Australian website Canstar Blue , the following table shows what you need to do if you want to burn calories after eating pizza.


sports typeCalories burned per minute How long does it take to burn an average slice of pizza?
Walk at a comfortable pace 3.5 kcal about 59 minutes
Biking at a comfortable pace
Swim slowly
stretching exercises
Do housework, Like sweeping
4 kcalabout 52 minutes
Sweeping floors or dusting around the house
Brisk walking
4-5 kcal About 41-52 minutes
Repair or paint things in your home
Lawn mowers
4.5 kcal About 46 minutes
Tennis Sport 5 kcalAbout 41 minutes
Golf 5.5 kcal about 38 minutes
Resistance exercises6 kcal about 34 minutes
football sport
7 kcal about 29 minutes
Moving or changing the location of furniture in the housemore than 7 kcalAbout 29 minutes or less
Singles tennis7-8 kcalAbout 26 and a half to 29 minutes
Basketball sport
8 kcal about 26 minutes
Bike racing or cycling fast 10 calories or moreAbout 21 minutes or less
12 kcalabout 17 minutes


How to make diet pizza

Ingredients for diet pizza dough

  • Three cups of wheat flour
  • A cup of non-fat liquid milk
  • Three teaspoons of vegetable oil
  • A teaspoon of yeast
  • One tablespoon of baking powder
  • Half a teaspoon of salt
  • A teaspoon of sugar

Stuffing ingredients

As desired, but we recommend that it be low-fat with plenty of vegetables

  • Diet mozzarella cheese, cut into slices of 100 gm, or any type of low-fat cheese
  • Half a cup of sliced ​​mushrooms
  • 4 peeled tomatoes, juiced and cooked on gas with the addition of basil leaves or a pinch of dried green thyme and garlic
  • A medium onion, cut into slices
  • A piece of sweet pepper
  • 10 grains of pitted olives
  • Teaspoon dry thyme
  • Lots of vegetables like broccoli, zucchini or spinach
  • Healthy ingredients such as quinoa and oats to reduce the amount of fat

– How to prepare a diet pizza

  • Get a suitable sized bowl. And put all the pizza ingredients in it, We knead it with lukewarm water. Until we get a cohesive dough
  • Cover the dough with a piece of cloth. We leave it for a period of time for 60 minutes until it fermented
  • The oven is heated
  • We spread the diet pizza dough on the flat surface after it has been sprinkled with the appropriate amount of flour, Until we get a thin and round dough
  • put the dough in the tray, Then we put it in the oven for a period of time up to ten minutes, Until we get the golden color only
  • Tomato sauce is distributed on the surface of the tray. Then sprinkle dry thyme
  • Onion slices are added. cut mushrooms, green pepper rings, And pickled olives (any vegetables you prefer) on top of the dough
  • Then the cheese pieces are added

Diet pizza is inserted into the oven for a period of time up to 10 minutes. until the ingredients dissolve, It is served hot

important tip; Pizza can be considered an unhealthy food in the event that you do not take into account the advice that we gave you previously, and therefore if it is eaten regularly and in large quantities, this will harm your health, so; Try as much as possible to eat this delicious dish in moderation. And if it is possible to apply the tips previously mentioned to reduce the number of calories in pizza, that would be better

If you have more questions about a topic or would like us to cover another topic for you, Leave us a comment.


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