Calories in philadelphia light cheese

Calories in Philadelphia Lite Cheese, which is one of the most important cheese brands in our time, This type of cheese has many consumers around the world.

This type of cheese includes many types, But today we are talking about the light type of it, which contains 30% less fat than the regular type from the original Philadelphia.

This cheese from Philadelphia is spreadable, So it can be used easily in preparing sandwiches, And sometimes it is attached to some types of foods within their ingredients, To add a delicious cream cheese taste to the meal.

In the following report, a detailed explanation of what are the calories in Philadelphia Lite cheese and the most important nutritional components it contains, and related details.

Calories in Philadelphia light cheese

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A 30-gram serving contains 42.6 calories, distributed as follows.

The total fat content in Philadelphia Lite cheese is about 3.0 grams (4%) of the daily intake. In this portion, there is saturated fat amounting to 2.1 grams, or (11%) of the daily consumption. Plus 0.1 g trans fat.

As for cholesterol, It is estimated at 11 milligrams (4%) of the daily intake. The amount of sodium in this serving is 120 mg (5%) of the daily intake.

As for the total amount of carbohydrates, It is 1.6 grams (1%) of the daily intake, Dietary fiber is 0.1 g, less than (1%) of the daily intake.

There are also total sugars of 1.7 grams, and 2.3 grams of protein, The product does not contain any added sugars. where it is 0%.

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  • pasteurized cow milk
  • Milk whey
  • Generous
  • thickener (E410, E407)
  • salt
  • acid (E330)
  • lactic culture medium
  • Minimum Fat in Dry Matter: 37%


  • This product contains milk, So it should be careful of those who suffer from dairy allergy.
  • Store this product in the refrigerator between (1-8°C). And keep it away from sunlight.
  • The product must be consumed within five days from the day the package was opened.

These were the most prominent details related to the calories in Philadelphia Lite cheese and as long as its consumption is within your daily calories that can be consumed safely without fear, or anxiety.

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