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Calories in Perfect Cheese Croissant


Calories in Perfect Cheese Croissant which consists of baked croissant stuffed with cheese filling, What is unique about this croissant is that it was prepared in a healthy way. This is in order to be available for consumption by those on a calorie-restricted diet.

You can find this croissant in any supermarket. It is ready for consumption immediately. There are many flavors other than the cheese flavor we are talking about today. But the flavor of cheese is the favorite flavor of many.

In the following report, we present to you a detailed nutritional card for the calories in the ideal croissant with cheese and the most important food ingredients from which it was prepared, So follow us

Calories in Perfect Cheese Croissant

Calories in ideal croissant cheese
Calories in ideal croissant cheese

In the perfect croissant with cheese, only one piece of approximately 65 grams of energy contains 263 calories. distributed among starches, amounting to 28 grams, And 7 grams of protein.

It also includes croissants. 13.7 grams of fat, and dietary fiber, 2.3 grams.

The product also contains both Vitamin A with an amount of 283 IU, And vitamin B complex by 1.95 mg

As for its mineral content, There is 77 mg of calcium. In addition to potassium by 226 mg.

The ideal croissant with cheese filling also contains 29 mg of sodium, and magnesium by 26 mg, Croissants also contain 0.65 mg of manganese.

The product also includes other minerals such as iron, with an amount of 1.95 mg. and phosphorous by 127 mg, and copper by 0.06 mg.

The nutritional ingredients in the ideal croissant with cheese

  • whole wheat
  • Wheat bran and germ
  • barley
  • maize
  • smoke
  • pollen
  • Unsalted butter
  • Magnesia salt
  • plant yeast
  • milk
  • White cheese
Ideal baked goods are baked with natural yeast

These were the most important nutritional values ​​​​for calories in the ideal croissant with cheese, You can consume it as a substitute for breakfast with a cup of tea. or some fresh vegetables, However, it is also somewhat high in calories, so it is often consumed as a snack between meals.

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