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Calories in pasta with vegetables


calories in pasta with vegetables, It is characterized by the fact that it comes from multiple sources, as the components of this meal are multiple.

Moreover, Calorie meal in pasta with vegetables, Being a vegetarian meal par excellence, Thanks to the presence of white beans, spinach and tomatoes on top of the pasta.

In addition, the meal is easy and quick to prepare. And it has many healthy ingredients.

All you need is just 10 minutes of preparation. and 20 minutes of cooking, To reach a perfect meal for 6 persons.

In the following article, we review the calories in pasta with vegetables. the ingredients of that meal, And calories in each component separately.

In addition, we review during this article; How to prepare, And the nutrients that are found in that meal.


Calories in pasta with vegetables

A meal of pasta with vegetables, which is good enough for 6 persons. It can weigh more than 1500 grams by its many nutritional components.

This meal contains 1707 calories.


Vegetable pasta meal ingredients

The vegetable pasta meal consists of the main ingredient, which is pasta, weighing 12 ounces or 372 grams.

In addition to two teaspoons of olive oil, And a tablespoon of minced garlic.

And speaking of vegetables, which occupy a large portion of the meal, We find that it weighs (14.5 ounces) or 450 grams and consists of a large mixture.

This mixture of tomatoes includes, basil and garlic, Salt can be added.

This meal also contains (14.5 ounces) or 450 grams. of white beans, Also (10 ounces) or 310 grams of fresh spinach.

can also be used, 6 tablespoons of grated Romano or Parmesan cheese.


Calories for each component of the meal

In the following lines, we review the calories in each of the elements of that meal.

Starting with pasta, which contains 1080 calories in the full weight of the meal. While white beans contain 312 calories.

Regarding olive oil, it is very light, When the calories in the entire meal reach 120 calories.

In addition, we find that the Romano cheese that is included in the meal contains 114 calories. As for fresh spinach, it contains 66 calories.

Finally, We find that the garlic cloves that are added to the meal contain 12 calories.


Nutrients in pasta with vegetables

The vegetable pasta meal contains very little fat, amounting to 30.6 grams in the total meal.

Regarding cholesterol or triglycerides in the meal, It is up to 30 mg.

The same goes for sodium. which amounts to 606 mg.

As for the total carbohydrates, which mainly come from the pasta, it is approximately 306 grams, And the dietary fiber is 60.12 grams.

Finally, the protein in that meal weighs 82.2 grams.


How to prepare pasta casserole with vegetables

First, heat the oil in a large non-stick frying pan. Then you start to boil the water for the pasta, Then put the pasta in the pot.

in the oil pan, You put the garlic in and start frying for a minute or so, Next you add the tomatoes and beans and then you reduce the heat.

Then you add spinach, then cover the pot, with the easing of the fire, and remain in this position for 10 minutes, with stirring occasionally.

In the next step, you pour the tomato mixture, with beans, with spinach over pasta, Then sprinkle grated cheese.

After the mixture has settled, This meal can be served to 6 people.

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