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Calories in Party Cake Switz


switz party cakes, So named because every bite is a festival of flavours! wonderful sweetness, Its softness is amazing and its velvety filling is irresistible… Warning! Available in a pack of two, Because one is never enough

In the following report, we will learn about the most important calories in Swetz Party Cake and the nutritional ingredients from which this cake was prepared, as well as the nutritional values ​​it contains, So stay tuned.

Calories in Party Cake Switz

The calories in the party cake are 282.6 calories for both fingers of 70 gm size. Most of it is carbohydrates at 62.4%.

[marker color=”#FFFA4A” txcolor=”dark” style=”” id=”” class=””]This type of Swetz party cake contains hydrogenated fat from vegetable shortening derived from palm olein oil.[/marker]

The calories in this cake are distributed in grams between carbohydrates 44.1 gm, and 2.8 g protein, and fat 10.5 g, and saturated fat 4.9 g, and cholesterol 3.4 mg, and sodium 73.5 mg, and dietary fiber 0.69 g, and sugar 24.5 g, There is calcium in the amount of 56 mg, And iron 1.89 mg.

party cake ingredients

Party Cake (2 fingers)

  • sugar
  • Wheat flour
  • eggs
  • Vegetable ghee from palm olein oil
  • Glucose
  • E260 (preservative)
  • E262 (preservative)
  • sugar syrup
  • Whey powder
  • E471 (vegetable emulsifier (palm oil and rapeseed oil))
  • E500 (baking powder)
  • E450 (baking powder)
  • Skim milk powder
  • salt
  • Soy Lecithin E322
  • Artificial flavor and natural vanilla
  • Artificial flavor and natural lemon

Notes on sweets party cakes

  • Sweets Party Cakes are baked in Dammam – Saudi Arabia, By Saudi Master Bakers Co. Ltd.
  • Party cakes contain preservatives and artificial flavors.
  • Contains allergens: julienne eggs, Milk and soy.
  • Contains artificial vanilla flavor and artificial lemon flavor.

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