Calories in Panda cheese with cream

We offer you the calories in Panda with Cream, which is a cheese paste cooked with cream that has many uses, Sometimes they are used as filling sandwiches. Or toast, It is widely used in breakfast. It can also be used to make salty desserts, Or as a kind of dip for crackers, This is according to what each person prefers. Here is a breakdown of its calories. And its nutritional components are as follows.

Calories in Panda cheese with cream

القيم الغذائية في جبنة باندا بالقشطة

An amount of 100 grams of Panda cheese with cream contains an energy of about 1354 kJ. Equivalent to 324 calories, This amount includes protein, a size of 10.3 grams, And carbohydrates of 5.3 grams, Fat, about 29.1 grams, Calcium 300 mg.

As for the vitamin serving that contains 100 grams of Panda cheese with cream, It includes the amount of Vitamin A, amounting to 321.68 IU. Vitamin B12 is about 1.06 micrograms, And vitamin B9 at 10.27 micrograms, And Vitamin D by 29.92 IU, And about 1.955 milligrams of vitamin E.

The amount of sodium is not mentioned, and this does not mean that the amount of sodium is zero. There is even sodium and salts, but the amount is unknown or not mentioned for a reason. Cheeses, in general, are high in sodium

Nutritional ingredients in Panda cheese with cream

المكونات الغذائية في جبنة باندا بالقشطة

It is a cheese paste cooked with full cream cream consisting of:

  • Water
  • Milk protein
  • Cheese made from (pasteurized cow’s milk – bacterial culture salt – microbial rennet)
  • butter
  • Emulsifying salts (E339, E 452)
  • Table salt
  • Food acids (E330, A 270)
  • Preservative (E 202)
  • Potassium sorbate 1000 ppm
  • Lactose content is not more than 5%.
  • Fat in dry matter not less than 35% and not more than 65%

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The product is produced by the Arab Company for Dairy Products and can be consumed on a daily basis, But within the caloric limits you allow for your diet. In total, it can be consumed as part of a diet whose calories range from 2000 to 2500 calories per day.


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