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Calories in Nestle Cheerios with Honey


Calories in Nestle Cheerios with Honey or Cheerios with Honey, There is no doubt that breakfast cereals of all kinds are a great choice that some may consider suitable for consumption as a light and low-calorie breakfast to start the day with as a substitute for corn flakes. But not all breakfast cereals are equal in the nutritional values ​​that they provide to their consumers. So it doesn’t have to be as healthy as many might think. Therefore, the nutritional values ​​of the breakfast cereal that you will choose must be analyzed well.

In the next report, we will learn together about the calories in Nestle Cheerios with Honey, We will also learn about the nutritional components of Cheerios with honey from which this product was prepared, And all other related nutritional details.

Ingredients of Cheerios with honey Nestle

  • 28.2% whole oatmeal
  • 28.2% of whole wheat grains
  • sugar
  • 17.2% whole grain barley flour
  • wheat starch
  • 3.4% honey
  • 2.1% whole grain corn flour
  • 2.1% whole rice flour
  • Sugar syrup converted
  • salt
  • Non hydrogenated sunflower oil
  • Molasses
  • antioxidant: tocopherol;


Calories in Nestle Cheerios with Honey

The calories in Nestle Cheerios with Honey in an amount of 30 gm are about 169.8 calories, The macro calories within that portion are distributed between total fats of 3 grams, and total carbohydrates by 28.7 g, There is 7g of protein.

This serving also contains 1.4 gm of saturated fat. But it does not contain any trans fats. And there is cholesterol in that serving of 6.7 mg.

On the flip side, In that serving of Cheerios with Honey, you can find 0.49g of salt, and sodium by 169 mg, There are dietary fibers of 2.3 gm. Total sugars amounted to 12.5 gm, of which added sugar amounted to 6.4 gm.


Notes on Cheerios with Honey Nestlé

  • Cheerios with honey is prepared from whole grains without colouring. or artificial flavors.
  • Honey Cheerios contain gluten from the grain. contains soybeans, It may also contain peanuts, tree nuts, cow milk, They are all food ingredients that may cause sensitivity to some. This is why it should be avoided by people who are allergic to it.
  • To produce 100g of this product, 78g of whole grains were used.


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