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Calories in nadec plain greek yogurt


Greek yogurt is much higher. In the nutritional value of plain yogurt, this is why many nutrition experts recommend consuming it instead of regular yogurt. Especially since it contains a higher percentage of protein than regular yogurt. And due to the importance of its consumption, we present to you today the nutritional values ​​of Nadec Plain Greek Yogurt and the most important nutrients it contains, What are the diets in which it can be consumed?


Calories in nadec plain greek yogurt

The calories in Nadec Plain Greek Yogurt are 188 calories in a small package of 160 gm. Fat constitutes 61.3% of the total calories. It was followed by carbohydrates at 22%, and then protein at 17%.

This was the most prominent nutritional value in plain Greek yogurt from Nadec, in addition to that it can be consumed within a moderate calorie diet ranging from 2000 to 2500 calories, For more nutritional details about the calories of other yogurt products, see the website’s calorie table .

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