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Calories in Nadec Low Fat Yogurt 200 ml


calories in Nadec low-fat milk 200 ml, There is no doubt that yogurt is one of the most important drinks that are consumed periodically, It is always recommended to eat a glass of milk daily, Especially if you are not allergic to it, or you are not applying a specific diet, It can be considered a healthy drink.

But on the other hand, Milk will still be a calorie drink inside, These calories may vary depending on the additives that are added to this drink, Which can increase calories such as sugar, for example, Or fruit.

Today we have in this report Nadec milk, but of the low-fat type with a package size of only 200 ml, We’ll learn about the calories in that small package, and its own nutritional ingredients.

Calories in Nadec Low Fat Yogurt 200 ml

The total calories in a small pack of 200 ml of low-fat nadec milk are about 80.4 calories. The calories of macrose within that amount are distributed between carbohydrates of 9.4 g, and protein 9.4 g, and fat 2 g.

On the flip side, The product includes calcium in the amount of 238 mg.

Nadec Low Fat Laban 200 ml

Great tasting milk, Made from 100% fresh Nadec milk

  • 100% natural pasteurized and naturalized cow’s milk
  • At least 8.2% non-fat solids
  • At least 1% fat
  1. Unknown

  • Nadec low-fat yogurt is a high-quality Saudi product.
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