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Calories in Nadec Fresh Guava Flavored Milk 200 ml

calories in nadec fresh milk flavored guava 200 ml, Combining milk with fruits is a great mechanism that can be relied upon to get those who don’t like milk to eat it. As the fruit mainly controls the milk, And make it taste clearer, Thus, children can, Or anyone who does not like to eat milk accept it, And eat it.

But of course this mixture increased the calories of milk significantly, Especially since sugar in addition to fruit is always combined with milk to sweeten the taste more, and more.

In the following report, we will address the calories in Nadec fresh milk with guava flavor 200 ml and the most important nutritional ingredients from which it was prepared.


Calories in Nadec Fresh Guava Flavored Milk 200 ml

The calories in Nadec fresh milk flavored with guava are 156 calories in a small pack of 200 ml. Most of these calories are carbohydrates at 63.5%.

As for calories in grams, The calories of macrose in the amount of 200 ml about 24.8 g for carbohydrates, and 4.2 g fat, and protein in the amount of 4.8 g.

On the flip side, The drink includes vitamin A in the amount of 1335 units, and calcium in the amount of 220 mg.


Ingredients Nadec Fresh Milk Guava Flavor 200 ml

  • Partially skimmed natural cow’s milk
  • At least 8.5% non-fat solids
  • At least 2% fat
  • sugar
  • Permitted preservatives (E418, E466)
  • Identical flavor to natural flavor

Nadec fresh milk with guaf flavor is a Saudi product

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