Calories in Milk and dairy products

Calories in Nadec Cream Full Fat


Cream is one of the favorite food options for many. It is consumed accompanied by honey. or jam, And sometimes dates according to the food habits of each country separately. Cream belongs to dairy products. It is very high in calories. So, below, we will learn about the calories in Nadec Full Fat Cream, follow us

Calories in Nadec Cream Full Fat

The calories in Nadec Cream Full Fat are 73 calories per 25 gm, Fat constitutes the highest percentage of calories, at 92%.


Fresh cream ingredients

  • Cow’s milk (fresh)
  • Fresh cream
  • Milk solids
  • Carrageenan (stabilizer)
  • 30% milk fat (at least)
  1. Rich and delicious cream. Made from 100% fresh Nadec milk.

We do not recommend consuming cream continuously even if you are not on a diet. Because it is very high in calories.

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