Calories in Milk and dairy products

Calories in Nadec Cheese Burger Slices


Burger cannot be eaten without cheese. When they mix together, they form a wonderful mixture of distinctive taste. Since the burger was invented, cheese is always added to it, where the heat melts the cheese, and dip over the piece of meat, And the texture becomes soft, delicious, Therefore, we will provide you with the most important calories in cheese burger slices from Nadec

Calories in Nadec Cheese Burger Slices


The calories in a slice of cheese burger from Nadec are 57 calories in one slice of 20g.


Ingredients for cheeseburger slices from Nadec

  • Fresh pasteurized milk
  • Cheese (non-animal rennet)
  • Milk solids
  • butter
  • E452 (Emulsifying salts)
  • E450 (Emulsifying salts)
  • E339 (Emulsifying salts)
  • E331 (Emulsifying salts)
  • E330 (Emulsifying salts)
  • Stabilizer Salt (407)
  • E202 (preservative)
  • E234 preservative
  • Fat content in dry matter 45% minimum

Delicious and healthy cheese slices from Nadec, For all occasions

The amount of sodium is not mentioned, and this does not mean that there is no sodium, but the amount is unknown.

This type contains a high percentage of fat. Therefore, it should be taken with caution when following a calorie-restricted diet.

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