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Calories in Nadec Butter 5 gm


Calories in Nadec Butter 5 gm, There is no doubt that butter is one of the fats that are used in cooking many foods. It is a great companion for many foods. It adds a distinctive flavor to the food.

In the following report, we will learn about the most important calories in Nadec butter 5 g, as well as the nutritional values ​​that it includes.

Calories in Nadec Butter 5 gm

Nadec butter contains 37.2 calories in every 5 gm of butter. Nadec butter consists of 0.5% protein and 99.2% fat, as is the case with any natural butter

The calories in grams are distributed in the amount of 5 grams between 0.05 g protein, and fat 4.1 g, and saturated fat 2.6 g, and unsaturated fat 2.6 g, And trans fats by 0.175 g.

The product contains vitamin A in the amount of 125 units.

For more of its benefits, please visit the topic: Benefits of Butter

Nadec butter 5 gm

natural butter, Unsalted butter

  • Milk fat from 100% fresh milk
  • initiator
  • Milk fat is at least 80%
  • 2% non-fat milk solids (maximum)
  • Humidity 16%
  1. Natural butter

Fats, secretions, milk and dairy derivatives
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Notes on Nadec Butter

  1. Nadec Butter is manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Natural butter from whole and unsalted cow’s milk.
  3. Nadec butter covers your daily need of vitamin A by 18% when you eat 5 grams of it. In addition, it covers your daily requirement of vitamin D by 1%.
  4. Butter is actually a very beneficial part of our diet as it can improve our immune system. regulating hormones, vision protection, And increase metabolism.
  5. It can also increase brain function. reduce the chances of heart disease and blood pressure, And protection from cancer.
  6. Moreover, can protect against gastrointestinal diseases, and nervous system.

Some foods that contain butter

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