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Calories in Mousse Beer


Calories in Mousse Beer, Moussa beer is a non-alcoholic malt drink extracted from the mountains of Switzerland. Moussa beer is produced in a state-of-the-art production facility to stringent quality standards under the supervision of some of the world’s leading breweries. Moussa is prepared according to the original Swiss recipe, It contains a blend of carefully selected premium fermented malt extract with natural water.

Here is a detailed explanation of the most important calories in mousse beer as well as the ingredients and nutritional values it contains.

Calories in Mousse Beer

The calories in Moses beer in an amount of 330 ml are about 118.8 calories, Carbohydrates are 29.7 g, As well as sodium 29.7 g, The product does not contain any protein, Or fat.

Although the product is poor in nutritional values, it is also high in sugars and carbohydrates, This may make it unsuitable for many diverse diets.

Ingredients for beer Mousse malt Iced berries

  • water
  • sugar
  • barley
  • Carbon dioxide
  • E330 (citric acid – acidity regulator)
  • Natural raspberry flavor
  • Hop
  • E133 (natural blue tinted agent)

Reviews on Mousse beer barley Frozen berries

  • Mousa beer barley frozen berries made by Lasher Refreshments – Saudi Arabia
  • Mousa beer barley frozen berries kept in a cool and dry place

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