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Calories in Milky Way 1 bar


Calories in Milky Way, which is a type of dessert famous around the world, It is distinguished by its sweet, delicious taste. It is a candy bar covered in chocolate.

Of course we love sweets. because it’s full of sugars, And sugar by itself works to secrete a large amount of a hormone known as the dopamine hormone, and when this hormone is secreted, this gives a boost of happiness inside the brain. Which makes us ask for more sugars to get more happiness. May this feeling be wonderful, But it gets us into a vicious circle of sugar addiction.

In the following report, you will see the most prominent Milky Way prices in detail, where we’ll be looking at macro calories, We will also monitor the most important food ingredients from which this product was prepared.

Calories in Milky Way

The calories in Milky Way, in the amount of one bar consisting of 21.5 grams, are about 95.6 calories. Macros calories are distributed between 15 grams of carbohydrates, It is the highest amount of macro calories, followed by fat at 3.6 grams, Finally comes the protein at 0.8 grams, It is the lowest amount in macro calories.

To learn more about the nutritional values ​​of Meliki Way chocolate, we leave you with the following nutritional card


Milky Way

It is a candy bar covered in chocolate

The nutritional ingredients in Milky Way

  • sugar
  • Glucose syrup
  • Skimmed cow’s milk powder
  • cocoa butter
  • Cocoa lumps
  • Sunflower oil
  • Cow’s milk fat
  • Palm fat
  • Lactose and cow whey protein
  • Bovine whey powder
  • soy lecithin (emulsifier)
  • salt
  • Egg white powder
  • Fat-reduced cocoa
  • Cow’s milk protein
  • Natural vanilla extract

How to prepare Milky Way Milky Way

  1. Unknown
  • The product is produced by the UK company Mars.
  • The product contains milk, barley, soy, eggs, The product may also contain peanuts. Hazelnuts, therefore, may not be suitable for consumption by people who are sensitive to those ingredients.

From the previous nutritional details, We will find that this product is high in carbohydrates. and the sugars it contains, In addition, it is low in protein. Therefore, it should not be consumed excessively. Because excessive may cause obesity.

We also point out that Milky Way chocolate is hydrogenated, as palm fat and cow’s milk fat are used as ingredients.


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