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Belban stores are one of the most famous sweets and ice cream stores that started in Egypt and then Saudi Arabia, then spread to the UAE and Jordan. It is characterized by providing most of the sweets related to milk (yoghurt), such as ice cream, rice with milk, and other items.

The success of the Belban branches comes as a result of the efforts of Chef El-Sherbiny, the founder of the Belban stores. Because of the popularity of milk desserts and ice cream, and knowing that such items come full of calories, we wanted to know together the calories in milk.


Calories in milk

Calories in milk differ according to the type of dessert and the additions to it. such as rice pudding, cream, Umm Ali and ice cream of various flavors.


Calories in rice milk

Milk Sweets offers 13 types of rice milk with different calories, as follows:

  1. Rice with plain milk and contains 206 calories.
  2. Rice pudding with nuts and contains 221 calories.
  3. Rice pudding with milk ice and contains 230 calories.
  4. Rice pudding with nuts and ice cream contains 241 calories.
  5. Rice milk with Belgian lotus contains 297 calories.
  6. Ambush El-Sherbiny, it consists of rice with milk, nuts and milk ice, and they have a piece of basbousa and cream. And they contain 312 calories ( N.A.M.Dieter believes that the calories are more than mentioned ).
  7. Rice pudding with pecans and contains 297 calories.
  8. Rice with milk, pecans and ice cream contains 300 calories ( we believe that the calories are more than mentioned ).
  9. Rice pudding with Italian rocher chocolate and 275 calories.
  10. Rice pudding with nuts and Nutella, with 282 calories.
  11. Rice pudding with nuts, Nutella and cream, and they contain 283 calories ( we believe in IM Dieter that the calories are more than mentioned ).
  12. Rice with yogurt, Italian pistachio and pistachio, contains 285 calories.
  13. The bomb is a rice pudding dish topped with strawberries, bananas and apples, topped with mango and strawberry juice, topped with basbousah with French ghee, twisted kunafa and milk ice cream. And all of this includes 327 calories. ( We believe in AM Dieter that the calories are more than mentioned, especially with the amount of fruits and other sweets on it ).


Calories in cream sweets with milk

Cream, which is cake watered with milk and some additions as desired. Al-Kashtota is the Egyptian name provided by milk stores. But its origin goes back to Turkey, where it is called ” Trelica” (in Turkish: trileçe).

We will now learn about the calories in the cream for seven types of cream sweets.

  1. Cream with cream and contains 320 calories.
  2. Creamy caramel and contains 220 calories.
  3. Nuts cream contains 328 calories.
  4. Lotus cream and contains 360 calories.
  5. Cream with rice with milk and nuts, and they contain 380 calories.
  6. Cream with rice, milk and lotus, including 410 calories.
  7. Dalaa dish, which consists of cream cheese and rice with milk, strawberries and bananas. And they all have 390 calories.


Calories in Umm Ali

A sweets shop in Laban offers Umm Ali dish in five types, and we will learn about their calories:

  1. Plain Umm Ali dish contains 353 calories.
  2. Umm Ali dish with nuts, which contains 362 calories ( we believe that the calories are more than mentioned ).
  3. The Belgian tagine, which consists of Umm Ali sweets, nuts, Belgian lotus and lotus sauce. This dish contains 395 calories.
  4. Umm Ali dessert with nuts and Italian Nutella, 380 calories.
  5. Umm Ali dessert dish with cream and nuts contains 380 calories.


Calories in ice cream with milk

  • 1 scoop of ice cream contains 138 calories.
  • 2 scoops of ice cream contain 254 calories.
  • Al-Gharqana, which is a cone dipped in Belgian chocolate and topped with 2 scoops of Italian ice cream.


Notes on calories in b milk

In conclusion, we would like to point out that the calories in B Laban mentioned here are the same ones written on the menu, and IM Dieter does not bear any responsibility for that. Where we believe that the calories of some items of milk sweets are irrational and need to be reviewed by the management of milk stores.

Therefore, you should check yourself if you are following the calorie diet when you eat desserts made with milk. We ask God for health and wellness for you and us.


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