Calories in Egyptian food

Calories in meatloaf with potatoes


One of the best and most popular meals in Egypt. It’s meat with potatoes. And the calories in a meat casserole with potatoes can be perfect with a specific recipe.

This recipe is based on lean beef. provides simple calories, mostly healthy ingredients, and appetite at the same time.

Despite the deliciousness and pleasure that you get from this tagine, However, it is characterized by the speed of preparation that does not exceed 15 minutes.

In any case, in this article, we will discuss the calories in meat and potato casserole. In addition to the ingredients for that meal.

In addition to the calories in each meal, As well as the elements and nutritional values ​​within, Finally, how to prepare a meat tagine with potatoes.


Calories in meatloaf with potatoes

In a full meal of potatoes with meat enough for a family of 8, Calories reach 5583 calories.

This meal contains many ingredients, each of which provides different calories, bringing the total to the previous number.


Ingredients for meatballs with potatoes

Lamb tagine with potatoes consists of approximately 3600 grams of minced beef, low fat, by not more than 7%.

The meal also includes a lot of chopped onions, Makes 8 small cups, In addition to about 2400 grams of healthy creamy mushroom soup.

The meal also includes 2 cups of water mixed with soup, with two tablespoons of salt, And the same number of black pepper optional.

for potatoes, It is present in a large number of meals. Where it is possible to benefit from 20 medium to small tablets, and sliced.


Calories per item of the meal

With the previous components, We find that each of the above, Provides a different number of calories.

For example, lean ground beef provides 4935 calories, As for potatoes, The calories in it reach 584 calories.

Raw onions provide 64 calories. Without any calories in the rest of the ingredients such as black pepper, salt, water, mushrooms, or mushrooms.


Nutritional values ​​in meatballs with potatoes

we get through minced meat, As well as mushroom soup or mushrooms on a small amount of fat, Which amounts to a total of 4.1 grams.

For cholesterol and triglycerides, which are also found in meat, it comes to only 260 milligrams, Sodium is about 1 gram.

With regard to carbohydrates, it reaches a total meal of 148 grams, It can be obtained from mushrooms.

As for dietary fiber, it reaches 23.2 grams thanks to mushrooms. Finally, the protein per serving comes to 112 grams.


How to prepare a meat casserole with potatoes

The preparation starts with draining the beef and onions. Sprinkle the bottom of the glass dish prepared for preparing and cooking the meal with soup.

Then, in the next step, you cover the bottom of the dish with a new layer of potato slices. On top of an extra layer of minced meat.

Moreover, You pour half of the soup mixture over the potatoes and meat, Then you add another layer of potatoes and minced meat.

In addition, you repeat the ball again by adding the rest of the soup mixture on top of it as well, Then you cook it too.

The last stage of the cooking process will last for an hour at 176.67°C.

And with 15 minutes of meal preparation, Then cook it for up to an hour, you can have a delicious meal enough for a large family of 8.

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