Calories in Meat and Fish

calories in meat


Meat remains everyone’s first choice. If they want to eat protein rich food, But the calories in meat and the amount you get through meat remain. It is the main concern of many interested.

In the following article, we review the calories in meat, of different types, nutritional importance, With a clear breakdown of the calories in each portion of the meat.

calories in meat
calories in meat

calories in meat

calories come in meat, mainly from fats and proteins, The percentages of nutrients in meat depend on the exact cuts within the meat itself.

In other words, the cut off part of the animal to which the meat belongs, like a rib or thigh, or chest, or something else..

In general, the high calorie density of meat indicates, to a higher proportion of fat because one gram of protein equals four calories, While one gram of fat contains nine.

In any case, according to health information, red meat, like lamb and beef, They contain more calories per ounce.

It also contains a high percentage of saturated fats. Which indicates a slight decrease in nutritional value.

therefore It is best to limit the consumption of red meat to a few times a month. And no more.

On the other hand, all meats are nutritious because they are an ideal source of protein. It contains all essential amino acids.

Moreover, meat is also one of the best foods that contains vitamin B12, iron and zinc.

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The difference between red and white meat

Red meat is made up of muscle fibres. They are fibers that are used in intense activity such as standing or walking.

In addition to the myoglobin protein found in muscle cells that stores oxygen in order to produce the necessary energy.

With regard to cooking, The internal temperature changes the color of myoglobin. Where the beef is cooked at a temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius, Plus leave the red color unchanged.

Here, the color of the medium-ripe meat turns brown. And at 77 degrees Celsius, In other words, undercooked meat gets brown.

Otherwise that white meat, producing shots of intense action, Where the required energy comes from another protein stored in the muscles called glycogen. It is recommended to cook it at a temperature of 82 degrees Celsius.


List of calories in different types of meat


Firstly: Calories in buffalo meat

  • A buffalo steak weighing (185 grams) contains 363 calories.
  • Buffalo back ribs 1 (70 g) contains 148 calories
  • A buffalo steak weighing (131 grams) contains 257 calories.
  • Buffalo beef ribs weighing (60 g) contain 148 calories.
  • 1 piece (83 g) of buffalo steak contains 169 calories.
  • Grilled buffalo meat weighing (830 g) contains 2108 calories.
  • A piece of buffalo steak weighing (264 grams) contains 517 calories


secondly: Calories in beef

  • Beef steak weighing (164 grams) contains 407 calories
  • One piece of beef brisket weighing (1780 grams) contains 4308 calories
  • A slice of bacon weighing (20 grams) contains 82 calories
  • A piece of beef feathers weighing (225 grams) contains 536 calories
  • As for a steak of beef weighing (140 g), it contains 305 calories
  • A cube of beef steak weighing (165 grams) contains 328 calories
  • A piece of beef weighing (70 g) contains 172 calories
  • Ground beef weighing (113 g), containing 278 calories.
  • A slice of beef weighing (145 g) contains 236 calories


Third: other meat

  • A piece of ostrich meat weighing (85 g) contains 123 calories.
  • Grilled roast beef weighing (515 g) contains 721 calories
  • Rhubarb stick (236 g) contains 430 calories
  • A turkey thigh weighing (3812 g) contains 7205 calories
  • 1/2 turkey breast (864 grams) contains 1166 calories
  • Turkey leg (546 g) contains 1136 calories
  • Turkey steak (170 g) contains 321 calories
  • A slice of turkey wing weighing (24 g) contains 53 calories

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Meat contains the most calories

Red meat tends to contain mostly fat and therefore a lot of calories. In the following list, we explain the number of calories in meat pieces weighing only 100 grams.

Firstly: Buffalo meat calories

  • Buffalo ribs meat contains 400 calories
  • For buffalo ribs meat, it contains 351 calories


secondly: lamb calories

  • Lamb chops contain 305 calories.
  • A piece of minced lamb contains 283 calories.

Third: Beef calories

  • Minced beef contains 272 calories.
  • A piece of beef rind contains 305 calories.
  • Lean ground beef includes 230 calories.
  • Lean ground beef contains 175 calories.

Fourthly: other meat

  • As for ground turkey meat, it contains 258 calories
  • Veal steak contains 231 calories
  • Lamb burger contains 228.1 calories
  • Lean turkey contains 213 calories.
  • One steak contains 192 calories
  • Beef chuck contains 191 calories
  • A slice of venison contains 150 calories.
  • Turkey breast contains 147 calories


The meat that contains the fewest calories

Aside from beef and buffalo, There are many other types of meat that contain fewer calories. This is thanks to the fact that it contains less fat.

For example, minced meat containing less than 10% fat, But it contains fewer calories.

We must also avoid meat that contains a lot of visible fat. In order to control calories.

Here is a list of those meats with the lowest calories. This is when the weight of the piece is standardized at only 100 grams:

  • A slice of turkey breast contains 147 calories.
  • A slice of venison contains 150 calories.
  • Lean ground turkey contains 151 calories.
  • Lean ground beef contains 175 calories.
  • Turkey meat contains 189 calories.
  • Beef steak contains 191 calories.
  • Ground turkey contains 211 calories.
  • Lamb burger contains 228.1 calories.
  • Veal contains 231 calories.
  • Minced beef contains 272 calories.
  • Minced minced lamb 283100 calories.
  • Buffalo belly meat contains 292 calories.
  • Beef short rib contains 305 calories.
  • Lamb chops contain 305 calories.
  • Beef ribs contain 351 calories.


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