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Calories in mayonnaise with chili from Delicio


Calories in mayonnaise with chili from Delicio is our conversation that we devote to the day, This is because this hot sauce is the choice of many hot sauce lovers. It can be applied to many prepared foods, sandwiches, Therefore, it was necessary to know the calories it contains. and nutritional values. Here’s my preference


Calories in Delicio chili mayonnaise

Calories in Delicio Chili Mayonnaise are 79.8 calories per 20 gm, Fat constitutes the highest proportion of calories, at 92.5%. And then carbohydrates by 6.7%. And then protein, which is the lowest by 0.8%.

To learn more about the nutritional values ​​of this type of Delicio mayonnaise, we leave you with the following nutritional card.

Delicio chili mayonnaise

Delicio New Hot Chili Mayonnaise


Ingredients for mayonnaise

  • water
  • Soybeans (vegetable oil)
  • sunflower oil (vegetable oil)
  • yolk
  • natural vinegar
  • sugar
  • red pepper
  • Rate arose
  • salt
  • Garlic powder
  • mustard powder
  • mustard flavour
  • Lemon juice
  • E415 (thickener)
  • E 202 Preservative
  • E385 (Antioxidant)
  • pepper emulsion

Notes on Delicio Chili Mayonnaise

  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Chili mayonnaise contains the egg ingredient. soy and mustard, so beware of those with an egg allergy, soy and mustard

These were the most prominent nutritional values ​​in mayonnaise sauce with chili, and we also noticed that the percentage of fat is very high, Therefore, care must be taken when consuming it in excess.

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