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Calories in Masoub with an accurate calculation


In our topic, we will learn about the calories in ma`asub with a very accurate calculation, and this rarely happens because when browsing other sites, you will find unreal calories for ma`asub or calories that were calculated incorrectly.

Thanks to the existing database and the designer of the nutritional tables that we have available on the IM-Dieter website, we have reached this accurate calculation of the calories of Masoub.

Calories in Masoub with cream

The calories in Masoub with cream are 652 calories, when using the ingredients on the food label. Carbohydrates constitute the highest amount of calories, reaching 91 gm. It was followed by fats with an amount of 29 gm. And protein in a volume of 7 g.

It also contains a high amount of fiber estimated at 6 gm. It contains high amounts of sugar estimated at 30 gm. And 38g of cholesterol covers the upper limit of your need by 13%.


Vitamins and Minerals in Masoub

  • Vitamin A: Masoub contains 679 IU of vitamin A, covering your daily requirement by 14%.
  • Vitamin C: Masoub contains 18 mg of vitamin C, covering your daily need by 22%.
  • Calcium: Masoub contains 144 mg of calcium, covering your daily need by 14%.
  • Iron: Masoub contains 1 mg of iron, which covers your daily need by 6%.
  • Potassium: Masoub contains 715 mg of potassium, covering your daily requirement by 20%.

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Masoub ingredients with cream


How to prepare Masoub with cream, according to the method of Chef Raneen Gouda

  • Sunbulah paratha is grilled over low heat until cooked
  • After the pie is cooked, set it aside to cool. During this time, we mash two medium bananas with a total size of 200 gm with a fork until smooth
  • Grind the paratha in a food processor into small pieces
  • Melt the Nadec butter cube
  • Add the chopped paratha in a bowl with the banana, butter and cream and mix together
  • After mixing, add the peeled and chopped pistachios to the front for serving. and enjoy it


The calorie calculation and nutritional values ​​for this recipe are very accurate when using the food ingredients mentioned in the food label, and any difference in them may change these values

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