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Calories in Maggi Kabsa Liquid Mix


Calories in Maggi Kabsa Liquid Mix, It is a mixture prepared from fresh Spanish tomatoes. fried onions, some original spices, And a number of other food ingredients that come together to resemble the original Kabsa mixture that is prepared at home, This will save you a lot of time and effort. It will be set up in just three steps.

Below we will discuss with you what are the calories in Maggi Kabsa liquid mix, We will also learn about the most important food ingredients in this product, and all other nutritional information related to it in detail, So stay tuned.


Maggi Kabsa Mix Ingredients

  • natural vegetables (onion, tomato paste, carrots, garlic, sweet green pepper, lemon juice concentrate)
  • water
  • Non-hydrogenated vegetable oil (sunflower)
  • sugar
  • White vinegar
  • herbs, And natural spices (cardamom, turmeric, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, cumin, ginger, bay leaf)
  • sea ​​salt
  • Corn Starch


How to use Maggi ready-made Kabsa mix

  • Heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil in a non-stick pan.
  • Add 1 kg of chicken pieces (without skin) and cook in oil until golden.
  • Add Maggi Kabsa Mix, and 4 cups of hot water and stir until dissolved.
  • Add two cups of basmati rice. and move it slowly, and leave it until soft, Approximately 30 minutes.


Calories in Maggi Kabsa Liquid Mix

The calories in Maggi liquid kebsa mix, in an amount of 100 gm, are about 133.5 calories, The product contains a total total fat of 7.9 gm. There are carbohydrates of 14.2 g, And also there is protein in the amount of 1.4 g.

On the other hand, the product contains 0.9 gm of saturated fat. It does not contain any trans fats. or cholesterol, But that serving contains 1,360 mg of sodium.

This portion of the Maggi Kabsa mixture also includes dietary fiber amounting to 2.8 gm, and total sugars 10.5 g, of which added sugar amounted to 7.3 g.


Notes on Maggi Kabsa Mix

  • The ready-made Kabsa mixture shall be kept in a cool, dry place. And away from direct sunlight.
  • Store in the refrigerator for two days after opening.


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