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Calories in Madah Cow Halawa Original


The sweetness of the cow of maddah is the original caramel sweetness from the maddah that for those who eat it brings us back with nostalgia for the beautiful time gone by.

Most of us have tried this dangerous old sweet, which is considered one of the best Eid sweets for adults before children. But many of us are ignorant of the nutritional information in this type of sweetness. For this reason, we will review with some nutritional data in the lines.

The calories in the original cow sweet are 45.7 calories per piece of sweet. The percentage of carbohydrates and sugars is the highest, at 81.6%. It was followed by fats with a percentage of 15.7%, followed by protein with the lowest percentage, which was 3.1%.

You will find our notes on the sweetness of Polish beef at the bottom of the food label below:

Ingredients of the original cow sweetness Al Madah

  • sugar
  • Glucose syrup
  • full-fat milk
  • butter (beef)
  • cream
  • vanillin (artificial vanilla flavor)


Notes on the original cow sweetness praise

  1. Full of sugar and glucose syrup.
  2. Contains artificial vanilla flavour.
  3. Not suitable for those with lactose intolerance.
  4. Low sodium and protein.
  5. Free of hydrogenated fats and gluten.
  6. Contains natural milk fat.
  7. Made in Poland.

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