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Calories in Lusine Vanilla Cupcake 1 Piece


Many of us are looking for calories in Lusine Vanilla Cupcake, as this product is one of the popular soft sweets that are frequently eaten as a snack and are delicious, especially when consumed with cold milk or cold coffee with milk.

It is worth mentioning that this product is one of the products of the Saudi Almarai Company, where the latter acquired Lusine Bakeries and began to expand the scope of the bakery to include multiple products that reach more Arab countries.


Calories in Lusine Vanilla Cupcake

The number of calories in a vanilla Lusine cupcake is 109.9 calories in one piece of cake, Most of them are carbohydrates, reaching 57.1%, followed by 38.5% fat, and finally 4.4% of the total calories in cupcakes.

The sodium product for heart and kidney patients covers 4.2% of the total daily requirement, As for cholesterol, it covers 4.1% of the daily need of heart patients, And 3.2% of the daily need for kidney patients, “may God protect us and you from all diseases and evils.”


Nutritional values in cupcake Lusine in grams

Lusine cupcake contains calories estimated at 109.9 calories, The calories of macrorose inside that product come in the following form carbohydrates of 15.7 g, and fat by 4.7 g, and saturated fat in the amount of 2 g, Plus protein in the amount of 1.2 g

The product also includes 8 g cholesterol, and sodium in the amount of 63 mg, and very small fiber of 0.2 g, And also sugar in the amount of 9 g.


Ingredients for Vanilla Lusine Cupcake

  • sugar
  • water
  • Wheat flour
  • Vegetable oil (palm)
  • Corn starch
  • E422 Moisturizers
  • E1520 Moisturizer
  • Whole Egg Powder
  • Originated rate (E1442)
  • E450 Crane Material
  • E500 Crane Material
  • Milk solids
  • Egg white powder
  • E407 (Stabilizer)
  • E410 Carob Gum (Stabilizer)
  • E412 (fixed)
  • E415 Xantene Gum (Stabilizer)
  • E481 Emulsion
  • E471 Oil Emulsion of Plant Origin
  • salt
  • Natural and artificial vanilla flavor
  • E 282 Preservatives
  • E 202 Preservative
  • Acetic acid
  • Sodium acetate


Notes on Lusine Vanilla Cupcake

  • Lusine vanilla cupcake Saudi production from Lusine Company, a subsidiary of Almarai Company
  • Try
    Saudi milk
    with Lusine vanilla cupcake for a tastier taste
  • And if you are a fan of cold coffee or iced coffee, try iced coffee with mocha from Kofic
  • But if you are an athlete and care about your health, I advise you after exercise to try Lusine Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate Nada Protein
  • And in case you are looking for a meal that has vitamins and minerals and its taste is delicious with Lusine vanilla cupcake all you have to add Nido oat milk with strawberry and banana flavor
Alert: Contains artificial vanilla flavor

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