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Calories in Lusine Sesame Burger Bread One Piece


Calories in Lusine Bread burgers with sesame one piece, Of course bread of all kinds, And its brands are an important and indispensable factor in Arab cuisine, And the European as well, Most of the time the trip is not complete without him, It belongs to the most important sources of carbohydrates that consume the most, Just like rice, and pasta.

Since bread is used to dip the food itself, Many may think that there is no harm in consuming it, But it actually contains a lot of calories, which are sometimes higher than the food itself we dip it in, That’s why we had to clarify.

In the following report, We will learn about the most important calories in Lusine Burger bread with sesame one piece and what nutritional values we can get from eating them, In addition to the nutritional ingredients from which it was prepared.

Calories in Lusine Sesame Burger Bread One Piece

The calories in Sesame Burger Bun Lusine are 187.7 calories per piece of burger bread. The calories of macrose are distributed between carbohydrates of 34.4 g, and protein of 6.9 g, And fat in the amount of 2.5 g.

The product also includes saturated fat of 0.9 g, and sodium at 296.7 mg, which is very high, The product also contains 1.1 g dietary fiber, and sugar in the amount of 4.9 g

Ingredients for Lusine Burger bread with sesame

Lusine sesame burger bread cut into two pieces for your convenience Luzine

  • Wheat flour
  • water
  • sugar
  • yeast
  • Wheat gluten
  • Palm oil (vegetable oil)
  • E472 (vegetable emulsion)
  • salt
  • Full cream soy flour
  • E282 (preservative)
  • E300 (Microprocessor)
  • Sesame seeds

Notes on Lusine Burger Bread with Sesame

  • Calories and nutritional values mentioned are for one piece only and not for the entire package
  • Production of Arabian Bakeries, one of
    companies Jeddah – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Sodium product coverage for kidney and heart patients is 19.8%
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