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Calories in luna tomato paste


calories in luna tomato paste, Tomato paste makes it much easier for the housewife to prepare many different food recipes. Instead of using tomatoes in their original form, and cutting them, and then squeeze it, and cook it until it thickens, The tomato paste offered by Luna provides an easier alternative to all these steps. which saves a lot of time, and effort. Just put the amount you want of this paste on your food, And it’s ready to cook right away.

In the following report, We will take you on an educational tour through which we will learn about the calories in Luna tomato paste, We will also learn about all other nutritional details related to this product completely, So stay tuned.


Nutritional ingredients in Luna tomato paste

  • 100% concentrated natural tomato paste.
  • salt
  • the focus : 24%


Calories in luna tomato paste

Calories in Luna tomato paste in a food portion of 100 gm are about 86.7 calories.

Macros calories are distributed within that portion between total fat 0.21 gm, and total carbohydrates 17g, And an amount of protein estimated at 4.2 g.

Also, the product contains 0.10 gm of saturated fat. It does not contain cholesterol. or trans fats, But at the same time it contains polyunsaturated fats of 0.14 gm, And there is monounsaturated fat 0.2 g.

There is also 0.62 g (620 mg) of sodium in this portion of Luna tomato paste, which is equivalent to 26% of the daily requirement. There is dietary fiber in the amount of 3.1 gm, which is equivalent to 11% of the daily requirement. Plus total sugars of 10g.


Notes on Luna Tomato Paste

  • Luna tomato paste free from preservatives. or colors.
  • The product is free from artificial flavors.
  • It is best stored at a temperature below 25°C.
  • Keep the product refrigerated after opening to prevent damage.


The product can be consumed within various diets, But in this case, you should pay attention to the amount used. Mostly a spoon will be placed, or two on a serving of this tomato paste, So there will be no harm in using it, provided that you also pay attention to the food ingredients that will be used with tomato paste.


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