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Calories in luna green peas


calories in luna green peas, Peas are an important vegetable rich in dietary fiber. Which we should include in our diet in any way, There are many different diets in which peas can be included, starting with cooking them with different vegetables, Especially carrots to prepare a good-tasting vegetable dish. Or even mix it with rice to enhance its taste. Other recipes are left to personal preference.

Today we are going to discuss with you what are the calories in Luna green peas, We will also learn about other important nutritional details related to this food product, So stay tuned.


Nutritional ingredients in green peas from luna

  • green peas (medium size)
  • water
  • the salt
  • Sugar


Calories in luna green peas

The calories in green peas from Luna in a serving of 100 gm are about 86.5 calories, And when it comes to the macro calories within that serving, They are distributed as follows, between a total total fat of 0.5 g, There are total carbohydrates of 16 g, Plus 4.5g of protein.

Also, that serving of Luna Peas contains 0.25 gm of saturated fat, It does not contain trans fats. or cholesterol, but it includes polyunsaturated fats of 0.41 g, And monounsaturated fats by 0.95 g.

There is also 0.2 g of sodium in these peas, which is equivalent to 8.3% of the daily requirement. There is dietary fiber amounting to 5.89 gm, which is equivalent to 21% of the daily requirement. This serving also included total sugars of 0.4 g.


Notes on green peas of luna

  • Luna Peas package should be kept in a cool, dry place. It must be stored hygienically.
  • It is best to use the product within a short time after opening the package.


From the aforementioned nutritional details, We will find that consuming these peas provided by Luna in your diet is harmless, They are very moderate in calories. It can be a more than wonderful nutritional meal, provided it is combined with an appropriate amount of protein for you. and other nutritional vegetables according to your diet.


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