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Calories in Low Fat Fresh Milk Nadec 1.75 Liter


calories in fresh low-fat milk Nadec 1.75 liters, Milk is a high-fat beverage, They are healthy fats in fact, But some diets aimed at losing weight, Especially systems that rely on the calorie counter do not favor fat within their systems, So in it we rely on foods, low-fat drinks, Freshly squeezed low-fat milk Nadec can be considered one of those drinks that can be allowed to be consumed within this drink.

Therefore, in the following report, we will learn together about the most important calories of fresh low-fat milk in the volume of a 1.75-liter package, We will also learn about the most important nutritional values that can be obtained from consuming this drink, So follow us to find out the full information in detail.

Calories in Low Fat Fresh Milk Nadec 1.75 Liter

The calories in Low Fat Fresh Milk Nadec 1.75 liters are about 1750 calories. The calories of macrose are distributed between carbohydrates of 79.1 g, and protein of 56.4 g, and fat in the amount of 17.5 g.

The product also contains vitamin A by 9915 units, and calcium in the amount of 1978 mg.

Low Fat Fresh Nadec Milk 1.75 Liter

100% natural cow’s milk from Nadec Farms, Refreshing and beneficial to your health

  • Natural pasteurized and naturalized cow’s milk
  • At least 8.5% non-fat solids
  • 1% fat content at most
  1. Heat the milk on a quiet Nader for five minutes or more as needed

  • Saudi Product
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